WorkSafe Award Winner – HALT – Health & Safety OHS Achievement of the Year

The rates of suicide have increased over the last 10 years. If something’s increasing, it’s important to do something different. My name is Jeremy, and
I’m the founder of HALT. Hope Assistance Local Tradies. I’m passionate about tradies
and members of the community and the public being more
aware of their mental health. HALT addresses that by getting
out into the communities. We’ve done over a hundred events across almost four years, and the biggest issue we’ve found is that tradies find it hard
to initiate that conversation. Tradies can be that really tough exterior, and people think they don’t talk, but it doesn’t take much
to scratch the surface and tradies start talking. Nearly every HALT event we
have at least one tradie say “I’ve had a suicide attempt, “but I’ve never talked about it.” In the environment of the HALT events they feel comfortable, they feel safe, and they can let go of
their vulnerabilities, and most importantly they are then happy to go and talk to other tradies about what’s going on inside them. As a partner of a tradie, to have services like HALT available to us is a huge deal. It means that we’re linked in to local and national services, places like Lifeline and Beyond Blue, that we may not have looked
at those numbers before, and thought should I call them or not? Now we know that’s an okay thing to do. The pain of regret is far greater than the pain of hard work. I know it can be hard work
to have the conversation. If you have the opportunity, have the conversation
with your work colleague, because the regret if you don’t is potentially tragic and fatal.