Workplace Ethics Challenge – Bullying and Harassment

(music) – So the workshop that’s been
developed by Manchester Uni really does look into
real world ethical issues that you would often
face in the workplace. – It teaches you what values
you believe about in yourself and how you would take those
values then into a workplace. – And you get to also
see other’s perspectives, and other’s views. – They were definitely things that I might have to deal with
in the future, and so, just kind of having the knowledge
and the confidence to know what I would have to do in that situation. – It’s a very interesting
experience, I didn’t think I would be enjoying this
workshop as much as I did. – I really enjoyed the
opportunity to work with people from different disciplines,
and discuss things that we hadn’t perhaps
thought about before. – It’s something that you
can take away with you and might help you with interviews, perhaps when you’re
applying for graduate jobs. – It gives real exposure to a
group exercise in discussion, which I think is a real skill,
not just for interviews, but actually when you’re in the workplace. – It’s relevant, it’s current, and, yeah, a really, really good
workshop to take part in. (music)