Why Yang FIGHTS for the underdog

Part-1 what’s happening to jobs one my journey, I Yang Grew up a skinny asian kid in upstate New York who is often ignored or picked on like one of the kids from stranger things? But nerdier and with fewer friends It stuck with me. I’ve never forgotten what it felt like to be young to be not at by doubts and fears So deep that they inflict physical pain a sense of nausea deep in your stomach To feel like an alien to be ignored or ridiculed I didn’t think it was possible to forget all that but it turns out that most of us do in Movies they show children going through formative experiences at home The protagonists go back where they came from later to make it better in real life. None of us goes back My parents valued education deeply my father who emigrated from Taiwan worked in the research labs of GE and IBM He got his PhD in physics from Berkeley and generated 69 patents over his career He met my mom also from Taiwan while in grad school She has a master’s in statistics and worked as a computer services administrator at our local university before becoming an artist My brother became a professor which is kind of the family business Being the first generation born in this country Yang Yang he gave me both a fierce love for the United States and a deep sense of what it means to struggle to fit in I Was one of the only Asians in my local public school, that didn’t go unnoticed classmates offered frequent reminders as to my identity What’s up chink? Hey, you wanna fight said with mouth moving but no sound coming out to imitate a kung-fu movie with bad dubbing ching chong ching chong Hey, you know what Chinese used for blindfolds dental floss? You see that? Demonstrates a blank face. That’s the way that gook. Laughs Hey, yang, you hungry. You want a gooky? Hey, yang, I see where you’re looking no interracial dating Hey, yang, what’s it like having such a small dick? Everyone knows Chinese guys have small dicks. Do you need tweezers to masturbate? Most of this was in middle school. I had a few natural responses I became quite self-conscious. I started wondering if I did indeed have a small dick last. I became very very angry Perhaps as a result. I’ve always taken pride in relating to the underdog or a little guy or gal As I grew up, I tried to stick up for whoever seemed excluded or marginalized. I became a Mets fan I’d go to a party and find the person who seemed the most alone or uncomfortable and strike up a conversation I worked out a little too much in college. I Yang Grew up and found that my zeal extended into my professional life. I Love small companies and helping them grow after five months as a corporate lawyer I co-founded an Internet company when I was 25 back in 2000 after it went bust I worked at a medical record software company and then helped a friend Zeke Vander Hoek with his GMAT prep company when he was starting out as a solo tutor in a Starbucks He eventually asked me to take over as CEO Between the two of us and our team we grew the company to become number one in the country Yang By 2010 I was riding high. So what was just playing? That’s the very beginning of Andrew James book The war on normal people he highlights the way that he was picked on when he was younger makes himself vulnerable and sharing that but it helps us to understand maybe a little bit of why he is the way he is and I said that after being picked on and after people said racist things to me always thought he wanted to help the underdog and That’s why his policies would really be doing would be helping the average person who? Doesn’t have a job Because technology would be helpful people want to start small businesses would be helping people that want to do these different things Highlights that he worked out a lot in college in his other book Why smart people should build things he Says that his proudest college highlight was it he convinced I think was 225 pounds eight times But as you can see and reading became incredibly successful his incredibly intelligent He scored almost a perfect score on the LSAT 178 He’s wanting to use his knowledge To know how the average person in our country Yang If you like the information that was shared in this video go ahead and like and subscribe. Go ahead and share it. I Also like Bernie Sanders, but I feel like Andrew. Yang could do a great job as president His life experiences and could made him more compassionate than the average politician Maybe the fact that he was picked on when he was young around the fact that he has an autistic son But he’s extremely competent extremely intelligent. I’d recommend reading his books Yang if there’s any doubt in his intellect read his books, he is constantly quoting vol Ferrari who is potentially one of the greatest intellectuals of our time Historian philosopher but he also and reading has endorsements from people like Elon Musk and other really intelligent individuals