Why That Revolting UK Bullying Video Matters, Corrupt Cops Exposed, Top 5 Entertainers, & Abcde…

Sup, you beautiful bastards? Hope you’re having a fantastic Thursday. Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show and lets just jump into it. And the first thing we are going to talk about today is why we had Southwest Airlines in the news. And the reason why we are talking about this today is a woman by the name of Tracey Redford. Tracey and her daughter were reportedly flying from California to Texas when she says this happened, “The gate agent started mocking my child’s name, laughing, pointing at me and my daughter. Um, talking to other employees. So I turned around and just said like hey, I can hear you so if I can hear you my daughter can too, like I’d appreciate if you just stop.” And as far as the name in question for this 5 year old, it is this … Abcde Redford. Although Tracey says her daughter’s name is pronounced ‘Ab-cidy’. And we’ll tough on that in a second, but according to Tracey, the gate agent wasn’t just talking to other employees. Reportedly she did this She took a picture of my boarding pass and chose to post it on social media um mocking my daughter. It was actually brought to my attention by somebody who had seen it on Facebook and reported it to Southwest Airlines. And also adding that after two weeks of filing a formal complaint Southwest had not responded. Although, Southwest has now reportedly given a statement saying And so it’s a little unclear right now if the employee was reprimanded, suspended, fired? But uh, as far as my take away from this. Uh, I am obviously not on board with the mocking and bullying of a 5 year old. And, I think the taking and the posting the photo is crossing a line. But at the same time Tracey should realize that she has set her daughter up for a life of this. You gave your daughter a ridiculously spelled name you named your daughter after a row of seats on an airplane. Just because you pronounce it like a normal name doesn’t make it a normal name. If my name was spelled Flp, I would understand when people had a big reaction and I’m like, “uh, no no it’s ‘Phil-ip’.” What you most likely found to be the unique and cutesy spelling of your daughter’s name. The rest of the world in general has found confusing and somewhat ridiculous. Now I don’t agree with how you and your child were treated by this employee who also decided to bast you out to the internet. But understand that this is very likely going to be the standard for the Abcde’s the Xyz’s the Lmnop’s of the world. Also quick note while I’m kind of making up those other two names. This isn’t the only kid with that name. I was looking into it and there was an article that came out in 2014 that saying that there are 328 Human people named “Abcde” in the United States But also understand that’s the story that’s my personal thinking on it and I pass the question off to you. Am I am I being wrong? Am I being mean here? Then in some light entertainment news. We had Entertainment Weekly announcing their 2018 Entertainers of the year. And via their four covers, they actually crowned 10 people We had Constance Wu and the women of Crazy Rich Asians We had Angela Bassett and the women of Black Panther Darren Criss getting that third cover And Cardi B taking that last top position Also on their site they go on to mention other honorees This including Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Donald Glover, John Grozinski, Emily Blunt… …Ariana Grande, the Queer Eye’s Fab 5 But with all that said, it is important to know that whenever we talk about this there is the question of “well, who the hell is actually picking who wins?” And also, if we’re being honest, every outlet that does this, it’s really just a grab for eyes And the attention of that individual or individuals in this case And so that’s why I pass my question off to you: if you had a “top 5 entertainers of the year…” “…who would they be?” I’ll join you on this journey. My personal top 5, I’m going to go pure digital No particular order, I’m gonna say: 1 – David Dobrick; 2 – Shane Dawson, he’s completely helped the storytelling game on YouTube evolve 3 – Safiya Nygaard, she’s probably one of my favorite people to watch with my wife …although I think my wife loves her more than me 4 – (oh shit I realize why Entertainment Weekly combined groups of people ahhhh) Mikey AKA Glam and Gore Her really weird stuff like her Disney Princess series is fascinating to watch Number 5, even though once again, no particular order, the fantastic MKBHD He easily does my favorite tech breakdowns. I am 100% going to look back at this list and just remember twelve other people I would’ve put in contention Ooh, Sean Evans gonna get angry; naming people was probably a terrible idea for this part. But that is also why I pass the question off to you. Remind me or let the world know… …who you think your top five entertainers are. You can go digital or mainstream as well. And then let’s talk about social media/YouTube news. As you may now be aware, if the way you watch these videos is via the YouTube app on your phone There is now a stories feature, although it’s not completely new, it’s just that YouTube is giving the capability to any YouTube that has over 10,000 subscribers. And YouTube stories are different from the stories feature that you see elsewhere. Still very short pictures or video, but instead of only being up for a day, they’re up for 7 days Also, each individual story has its own comments section Although that’s a little bit weird because you can like something but you can’t reply to a text comment with another text comment; instead, all you can really do is, as the creator, click “video reply” Also, it lacks what I think is one of the best features of Instagram Stories There is no “swipe up” or “click this” to go to a video feature Although, I will say it looks like they are already in a beta to make some of that work There are some users like Josh Horton who actually did have a clickable video link But I’ve scrubbed through everything on my app and there’s no way for me to do it And as far as if this will become a success or a massive fail, ultimately it comes down to the community long-term Although I will say the initial reaction from the YouTube community is not super pumped There’s been two main reactions that I’ve seen. The first being people wondering why they were being delivered stories from people that they do not follow And two, some creators saying, “Is this really where YouTube should be focusing?” With creators like CrankGameplays writing, And also, I guess this is like a third one: I saw people talking about YouTube stealing this from Instagram But actually, on the note of Instagram, I think it’s important to look back on when Instagram stories was launched. And you might remember, a lot of the reaction then was, “Oh wow, Instagram just tryna be Snapchat.” People saying “this is stupid,” “it’s just a ripoff” And then, Instagram stories unsurprisingly, because they already had more people passed Snapchat’s daily active users for a story-like feature But, like with all big swings and big changes, the market will eventually decide. I personally now love Instagram Stories, but I think Facebook Stories is the most idiotic thing ever. Different markets allow for different things and I personally will be testing the YouTube Stories feature as I have for the past two days Partly because in the current YouTube system, you don’t know if the notifications for your videos are actually gonna work, are you going to pop up on someone’s homepage or “no, not this video”? And I also want to extend something that I do on Twitter to YouTube, at least in this testing What I’m talking about there is essentially opening up a forum via the comments as far as what stories you would like for me to talk about because we do include at least one viewer-requested story in each video, usually But ultimately with this situation, we’re gonna have to wait to see how the hardcore userbase of YouTube reacts, how the kind of normal, never-leave-a-comment YouTube base reacts and we’ll go from there. I’m always hopeful, but skeptical, and that’s why I want to pass the question as far as “what is your reaction to this move?” But from that I wanna share some stuff I love today, and Today in Awesome, brought to you by Massdrop and
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Later, he was actually deported to Haiti. In 2014, 5 vehicle burglaries at 5 different street locations were pinned on a man by the name of Erasmus Banmah. Then, finally, their youngest victim, the third victim who was identified in court documents by “T.D.” He was just 16 years old. In June of 2013, he was blamed for the unsolved burglaries at 4 homes, despite officers, “knowing that there was no evidence and no lawful basis to support such charges.” In fact, Atesiano bragged about the 100% clearance rate on burglaries at the council meeting just a few weeks after he had T.D. arrested. Now according to prosecutors, Atesiano had initially denied all these allegations but eventually pled guilty in September due to a conspiracy charge depriving the 3 victims of their civil rights. But with all of this, he was facing a maximum 10 years sentence. As far as what he had to say for himself at his sentencing hearing this week, he told a federal judge And for those “bad decisions” the judge ultimately sentenced Atesiano to 3 years in prison. A sentence that will be due to start in 2 weeks because the judge allowed him extra time to care for his dying mother. Now, as far as the other officers involved, reportedly they cooperated with the government and directly implicated Atesiano. But at the same time, they did not get off scot-free. Ravelo, who was responsible for the arrest of Desrouleaux and Banmah, pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge in July. And actually, also during that same hearing, he pleaded guilty to assaulting a Hispanic driver during a traffic stop by striking him with his fists while the victim was handcuffed. Ultimately, Ravelo was sentenced to 2 years and 3 months in prison. As far as the people he arrested, charges against Banmah were dropped and Desrouleaux, who had been deported to Haiti, had his wrongful conviction thrown out, but he has still not been allowed to return to the United States. As far as the other two officers, Dayoub and Fernandez, they entered guilty pleas in August for their part in falsely arresting the teenage boy. They were both sentenced in October to a year in prison. The boy in question there eventually had his charges dropped. For me personally looking at this story, I’m left wondering, “Were those punishments really enough?” What we are talking about here is absolutely insane. How do you only get 3 years when you are stripping away the civil rights of numerous individuals, one of which was a minor? What message does that get across? 3 years, a year per person? He was sentenced to less time than one of his victims. Really think about that. How are communities really meant to trust the people that are supposed to be there, protecting and serving, when the law is not making examples of those who were given power and then abused it profusely? But yeah, let me know what you think and what you’re feeling in the comments down below. Then, let’s talk about this viral story that blew up over in England. If you didn’t see it, over the last week, there was this video that had gone viral, showing a 15-year old Syrian refugee named Jamal being bullied. According to reports, the incident actually took place over a month ago in October 25th at the Almondbury Community School in England. In the video, we see a boy approach Jamal, grab him by the throat, force him to the ground, where he then pours water over Jamal’s face and says, We then see the boy release Jamal, who gets up and walks away without saying a word. After people around the world saw that video, they began to question why this boy that attacked Jamal had yet to face any punishment. So the story got bigger and bigger. On Tuesday we saw the police announce that they were investigating reports of racially aggravated assault. Then, on Wednesday, they announced that they had actually charged the boy with assault, and they said that this came from an investigation that had started the day after the incident back in October. They also seemed to comment on the cast that Jamal is seen wearing in the video, explaining that it was connected to an incident involving 3 other students that they had interviewed at that time but no other action was taken. That same day, we also saw Jamal in an interview with itv say: “When I saw everyone looking at this video, I felt ashamed of myself and why it happened. “I was really upset about that. I was feeling like I couldn’t study my homework and stuff. “I woke up at night and just started crying because of this problem. “They think I’m different. Different from them.” Jamal has also said that the bullying has only increased as the video received more and more attention. In fact, according to reports, Jamal’s sister had her hijab forcefully removed by another student and then there was another video that came out showing Jamal’s sister being bullied. According to police, this incident happened on Tuesday. Also on Wednesday, in a letter to parents, we saw head teacher Trevor Bowens say: Along with this incident, we also saw a GoFundMe start up for Jamal and his family, which has raised over £140,000 at this point. Now, that is not where this story ends, because there are also reports that the boy that attacked Jamal in the video has been receiving threats from people on social media despite not being identified. When this story began to blow up, some people online began to look for him then reporting the bully’s alleged facebook page. So with this, you had people pointing at that he had shared multiple Facebook posts from Tommy Robinson, the founder of the English Defence League, which is also of note because now Robinson has actually spoken out in defense of the actual bully saying in videos posted online that he had actually seen proof that Jamal had beaten up a girl. “A young girl was beaten badly by Muslim girls. While those Muslim girls were beating her up, “Jamal was involved. He was kicking and biting her. She was bitten. She was black and blue. “She had to be taken out of school and homeschooled.” Robinson saying that he was contacted by the mother of this girl that was beaten up, and that she sent him photos. He also claimed that the girl’s family had taken this information to the local news and they refused to report it. Robinson also going on to say that Jamal isn’t as innocent as the news is making him out to be, and that he actually threatened to stab the bully prior to the incident. “And according, because I’ve heard from the child in question, “He threatened to stab him. “He was giving it to him. So at lunch time, he’s gone and grabbed him by his throat! “This Jamal isn’t innocent! “He beat a girl black and blue.” But the thing is, after Robinson made these claims, others started sharing screenshots of messages with the mother that her messages had been misunderstood and Jamal was not involved. That woman also appears to have deleted her Facebook account. However, despite that, Robinson has continued to claim that Jamal was a bully and that there are gangs of young Muslims attacking students. Robinson posting one screenshot of messages claiming that a group of five attacked her 13-year old son. However, the photo that was actually included in that message appears to be from an article about a boy in a different part of the UK that was beaten up in September of 2016. As far as the police response to all of this, they did address what they called rumors circulating on social media, saying that they had not received any corroborating evidence of any of the accusations. And actually, one of the last updates to this story is that there are reports now that the family of the Syrian boy, they’re actually going to sue Tommy Robinson. The lawyer from Jamal’s family echoing the point that the alleged mother said: As far as my personal reaction to this, my feelings around this, I feel like Tommy Robinson is just trying to fearmonger. At first, it was “Jamal attacked a girl,” although those claims seem to have fallen apart. Then it’s this claim of “oh, he threatened to stab the alleged bully.” Just trying to paint him as somehow this villain, but you just watch that video You just watch that video of how his attacker stalked him down, just the body language between the two, what happened in the video. And the fact that you’re trying to paint Jamal as the bad guy is ludicrous to me. Then he tries to pivot from this specific story that his name was attached to because of that Facebook page into “gangs of muslims.” Meanwhile, while all of this is happening, we see his sister get attacked. Understand, I say this being completely open to there being more information out there, but I’m not just going to take the word from someone who seems to be scattershotting information that can take the heat off of them. Instead, I’d rather wait for the police. Everything coming from police right now seems to confirm what our eyes and ears have been telling us with this story, that is “Jamal and his sister were attacked.” I truly hope that the boy who has been charged with assault is punished. And that’s where I’m going to end today’s show. That said, to the 3 people still watching at this point, if you want to show support for this video, you can hit that like button. Also, if you’re new here, if you want more of these daily dives into the news, hit that subscribe button Also, if you missed the last Wednesday or Tuesday PDS, you can click or tap [to the left] to watch those. But with that said, of course, my name’s Philip Defranco, you’ve just been “philled” in, I love your faces, and I’ll see you tomorrow.