Why People Are Freaking Out On Demi Lovato, Amber Guyger Hug Debate, Todd Phillips, & More

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let’s just jump into it. And the first thing we’re
gonna talk about today is the sentencing of Amber Guyger, and all of these stories that
have been coming from it. Now in case you missed it, we talked about her case earlier this week. Guyger was a police officer
in Dallas and in 2018 she entered a man’s apartment,
shooting and killing him. And she said the reason for her actions is that she thought she was entering her apartment, and that
this man was an intruder. But she did not, she had
actually entered the apartment that was above hers, and the man that she shot was Botham Jean. And following this she was fired, she was charged with manslaughter, but then on Tuesday like we talked about, Guyger was found guilty
of first degree murder. And with this, she faced a
maximum sentence of 99 years. And what we ended up seeing
at her sentencing yesterday is that she received 10 years with the eligibility for parole in five. And following this, we had a lot of people who were upset over this
seemingly short sentence. It even resulted in protests in Dallas with a member of
Next-Generation Action Network who organized the protest,
telling NBC in Dallas. “A murder conviction, that’s great. “It’s almost unprecedented and it’s “a rarity in this country. “But as far as the punishment, “the punishment did not fit that action.” All right, so there was a lot of outrage and debate around this sentence, and this is kind of something
that I touched on Tuesday. What was notable to me was the amount of surprise online that this person, that this former cop, was actually found guilty. There’s a distrust of the system, that the system does not
treat everyone equally. And so obviously with this
sentence that is continuing. But one of the biggest
things to spark attention, get massive spotlight is
Botham Jean’s brother. 18 year old Brent Jean in this courtroom spoke and he said that he
forgave Guyger for what she did, adding that he loves her
like any other person and that he does not even
want her to go to jail, and then making this request. – I don’t know if this is possible, but can I give her a hug please, please? – [Tammy] Yes. (cries of sadness) – And notably, he also wasn’t
the only one to do this. The judge in this case, Tammy Kemp, gave Guyger a Bible and hugged
her in the courtroom as well. And among the reactions you had some finding it both powerful
and inspirational. Senator Ted Cruz saying that amidst heartbreaking tragedy, a beautiful, powerful example of Christian
love and forgiveness. Over ambassador of the
UN, Nikki Haley tweeted, “This makes my heart hurt, “there are no winners in this situation, “sad all around, but once
again, grace prevailed. “And amazing example of
faith, love and forgiveness. “Lifting up both families
in prayer during this time.” Dallas Police Department saying “Botham Jean’s brother’s request “to hug Amber Guyger and Judge Kemp’s “gift of her Bible to Amber Guyger “represent a spirit of
forgiveness, faith and trust. “In this same spirit,
we want to move forward “in a positive direction
with the community.” Then you also had some more mixed reactions to this situation, with some thinking it was okay for Brent to hug Guyger, but were kind of a bit more shocked when they
saw the judge do it. With reporter Brooke Thomas saying “I have never seen anything like this. “I can’t imagine having this strength “after losing my brother in such a way, “this family is amazing.” And then adding, “this part made my jaw drop. “None of this has been the ending “I expected after a racist killer “was convicted and sentenced to prison. “Those text messages, I can’t
get that out of my head.” And here, what she’s
referring to are text messages that were brought up
in Guyger’s sentencing where Guyger was seen making jokes about the death of Martin Luther King Jr. and other disrespectful comments about black police officers. You also had the likes
of Jemele Hill saying “How Botham Jean’s brother chooses “to grieve is his business,
he’s entitled to that. “But this judge choosing to
hug this woman is unacceptable. “Keep in mind, this convicted murderer “is the same one who laughed about “Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, “and killing people on sight.” And finally, you had others thinking that this whole situation just sent a troubling message about the way people of color are treated
in comparison to white people, with CNN commentator, Keith Boykin saying “Amber Guyger muderered Botham Jean. “The jury gave her 10 years, “the judge hugged her, the
victim’s brother hugged her, “a police officer in
court brushed her hair. “The message, white
women’s lives are valuable, “black men’s lives are not.” Others saying things like “Amber Guyger is a racist
convicted murderer. “Why does she get a sweet,
caring hug from the judge? “Because she was a cop? “Because she’s a white woman, “which means she deserves sympathy? “Name the last black man you saw hugged “by the judge after a murder conviction.” But ultimately, that’s where we are with this story right now. And I mean, as far as my reaction to this, one, I think the family of the victim can react however they find appropriate. By watching Botham Jean’s brothers wrap his arms around the woman that took his brother’s life, that is powerful. Watching that, I saw a young man who has a much greater capacity
for forgiveness than I do. But as far as the judge, I
found that wholly inappropriate. If that was my family that
this woman had killed, I would have lost my fucking mind. And I understand at this point, I’m talking about what my personal feelings on the matter would
be if I was in this situation, and hey, everyone can have their own personal feelings on
this, so with this story, I do pass the question off to you. What are your thoughts on
everything that has transpired? And then let’s talk about what celebrities people are angry about today news, ’cause they did or said something. First, we have director Tom
Phillips, who of course, directed “Old School”, “The Hangover”, now has “Joker” coming out. And there was this quote from him that was published at Red. “Go try to to be funny nowadays
with this woke culture. “There were articles written about “why comedies don’t work
anymore, I’ll tell you why. “Because all the fucking
funny guys are like “fuck this shit, because I
don’t want to offend you. “It’s hard to argue with
30,000,000 people on Twitter, “you just can’t do it, right? “So you just go I’m out,
I’m out, and you know what? “With all my comedies
I think what comedies “in general all have in common is “they’re irreverent, so I go, “how do I do something
irreverent but fuck comedy? “Oh I know, let’s take the comic book “movie universe and turn
it on it’s head with this.” And so following that being published, people started screenshotting
it, sharing it, there’s a lot of bashing, with tweets like “the whole Todd Phillips
woke culture thing “just reminds me once again that “some people are alarmingly unable “to separate vulgarity from bigotry.” Another writing, “Todd Phillips, wah, woke culture is making comedy impossible. “Taika Waititi, bitch, I’m
literally playing Hitler “in a comedy and woke
Twitter loves my ass for it.” Also Taika himself
quote tweeted an article and and Tweeted “LOL, he funny.” Others pointing to a George Carlin clip that recently went viral again. In it he talks about his concerns around people who punch
down in their comedy, some referencing Eddie Murphy apologizing for his homophobic and transphobic jokes. But at the same time you had people pointing to this backlash and saying well isn’t Todd Phillips right? He said a thing that wasn’t well-received, and he was hit with a
wave of go fuck yourself. With some saying they’re now no longer going to see “The Joker.” And I’ll say, as far
as my reaction to this, I think Phillips is both right and wrong. Right, like I imagine “Old School” and other comedies from the past would not be received the same way if they were released today, and hell, it feels like half the time someone comes out with a new comedy special, there’s someone trying to cancel someone. But also usually it
feels like that backlash end ups leading to just more
traffic to that piece, right? And like with most things,
and especially comedy, you’re never gonna leave everyone happy, but then, I look to shows like “Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” It’s an incredibly
politically incorrect comedy that is fantastic and
generally well-received, and that is in large part because of the incredibly skilled setup
and delivery of the jokes. Are you gonna get hit by
some people all of the time? Sure, but you’re gonna get hit the most if you’re lazy with
the setup and delivery. And regarding this, I would
love to know your thoughts. But yeah, another person who was hit with backlash is Demi Lovato, and that is because she shared a number of photos from her trip to Israel, and this including one where she was being Baptized in the River of Jordan. And she says that she
was raised Christian, has Jewish ancestors, adding “when I was offered an amazing opportunity “to visit the places I’d read about “in the Bible growing up, I said yes. “There is something absolutely
magical about Israel.” And reportedly, rather
quickly her comments started getting filled up
with people that were angry. Some saying that this was Demi Lovato taking a political stance, others angry she didn’t mention the
Israel Palestine conflict, Lovato eventually disabling the comments, which just got people angrier, and eventually Lovato
ended up apologizing, writing in an Instagram story “I’m extremely frustrated. “I accepted a free trip to Israel “in exchange for a few posts. “No one told me there would be “anything wrong with going or that “I could possibly be offending anyone.” And adding “with that being said, “I’m sorry if I’ve hurt
or offended anyone, “that was not my intention. “Sometimes people present you with “opportunities and no one tells you “the potential backlash
you could face in return.” Adding “this was a spiritual experience, “not a political statement.” And closing “going against
all advice right now, “apologizing because it feels right to me “and I’d rather get in trouble “for being authentic to myself “than staying quiet to
please other people. “I love my fans, all
of them from all over.” But also, of noted, it appears that that apology is no longer up. But yeah, with all of that said, I’d love to know your thoughts on the whole situation,
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the secret link of the day, really anything at all, links, as always, are in the description down below. Then let’s talk about
the EU making decisions for the rest of the world, that’s probably the worst and most cynical way to describe the situation, but accurate. And so this big news involves Facebook. Today the European Court of Justice, EU’s highest court, ruled that Facebook can be ordered to remove
specific content worldwide if one EU member country finds it illegal. In a statement, the ECJ said
that if the national court of one EU country decides
a post on Facebook is illegal, Facebook will be required to remove all duplicates of that post, not just in the EU country,
but everywhere in the world. With the ruling also
saying that in some cases, even posts that are similar to the post deemed illegal will have to be removed. And the easy Jane making
it to this decision after an Austrian politician sued Facebook in Austrian court
demanding that the company remove a defamatory comment
someone posted about her as well as any equivalent
comments disparaging her, and this reportedly after a Facebook user shared a link to a news article that called the politician a quote, “lousy traitor of the people, “a corrupt oaf, and a
member of a fascist party.” Now Facebook, at first, had refused to remove this post
which in many countries would still be considered
acceptable political speech. But the Austrian courts ruled that the post was intended
to hurt her reputation, and the Austrian screened court referred this case to the ECJ, and
in the ECJ’s statement, the highest court did
clarify that Facebook and other social media companies are not liable to illegal content posted on their platforms if they didn’t know it was illegal
or removed it quickly. But this really still
comes as a massive blow, a huge change for Facebook,
and not just Facebook, just social media companies in general. And unsurprisingly, Facebook is not happy with this decision. Before the high court’s decision, Facebook and others critical of the rule argued that allowing one country to force a platform to
remove material globally limits free speech, with Facebook also arguing that the decision would most likely force them to use
automated content filters, which some activists have claimed could cause legitimate
posts to be taken down. Right, this because the filters can’t necessarily tell if a post is ironic or satirical or just a meme. Although I have noticed that a meme format in general has
been incredibly effective as far as just pushing propaganda,
but you know what I mean. The main point, we
ended up seeing Facebook condemn the ECJ ruling in a statement where they argued that internet companies should not be responsible for monitoring and removing speech that might be illegal in one specific
country, and saying “it undermines the long-standing principle “that one country does not have the right “to impose it’s laws on
speech to another country. “It also opens the door to obligations “being imposed on internet companies “to proactively monitor content, “and then interpret if it is”, quote, “equivalent to content that has “been found to be illegal”, and adding “in order to get this right, “national courts will have to set out “very clear definitions on what identical “and equivalent means in practice. “We hope the courts take a proportionate “and measured approach to avoid “having a chilling effect
on freedom of expression.” And Facebook’s statement has also been echoed by some experts in
the field like Thomas Hughes, the executive director of the UK rights group article 19 who said “Compelling social media platforms “like Facebook to automatically remove “posts regardless of their context “will infringe our right to free speech “and restrict the
information we see online.” And adding “this would set a dangerous “precedent where the courts of one country “can control what internet users “in another country can see. “This could be open to abuse, “particularly by regimes with
weak human rights records.” Which I mean, regarding that last point, an analyst at the Center
for Data Innovation told the Financial Times that the ruling could open a Pandora’s Box. I mean hell, the note
of enabling bad actors, yesterday we talked about
that Singapore fake news law. How can you speak truth to power when the power gets to just go yeah, I think that’s fake news. Also, this horrible, destructive decision can now expand past our borders. But yeah, ultimately that’s where we are with this right now, I mean, this decision can’t be appealed because once again, it
is the highest court, and it’s going to be interesting to see how Facebook and other
social media companies continued to react, what
will we see removed? You know, we have this decision, but what we see is the true scope. But with this story, of course, I’d love to know your thoughts on this. And then let’s talk about
this controversial plan coming out of Philadelphia
to reduce opioid overdoses. And this story actually goes back to January of last year, we also have a fantastic deep dive on this on the Rogue Rocket channel
that we posted last month. The main point, last year Philly officials announced that they plan to establish the country’s first safe-injection site. And essentially what that would look like is a space where people
could use illegal opioids while being supervised by medical staff. And actually following that proposal, a nonprofit called Safehouse stepped in to spearhead the project. And I do think it’s important to note here that while the United States doesn’t have any safe injection
sites, we’ve actually seen them popping up in
places like Canada and Europe, with researchers finding
that those facilities resulted in less overdoses and linked drug users with treatment services. Also in the case of
infectious diseases, like HIV, we’ve seen transmission rates drop. And so of course, you have Safehouse defending their proposed
injection site with those stats. All right, saying that the idea is based on harm reduction tactics, and that’s kind of similar to what we’ve seen with some cities and states handing out clean needles for drug users, but of course, a note there, those decisions have also
been extremely controversial. For example, back in 2014, then-governor of Indiana,
Mike Pence refused to lift a ban on sterile needle programs. This, while one county
in his state suffered a massive HIV outbreak because of opioid users sharing needles, and they result in saying those programs encouraged drug abuse, although ultimately he did issue an executive order and then signed another law in 2015, both of which ended up allowing counties in the state to distribute sterile needles. My main point, if there was pushback there and then around sterile needles, we shouldn’t be surprised
if there was pushback here, which, I mean, on that note, last year in November, we saw the federal government purging Safehouse to
comply with federal law. However, Safehouse
continued with their plan, and then we saw the government filing a civil lawsuit back in February, with William McSwain,
the attorney representing the eastern district
of Pennsylvania saying “this is in-your-face illegal activity “using some of the most deadly, “dangerous drugs that are on the streets. “We have a responsibility to step in.” “It’s saying Safehouse,
we think this is illegal, “stop what you’re doing.” Right, and then essentially saying that because you go to a Safehouse that “doesn’t mean that you’re not “going to overdose when
you’re not at the site.” Also that “it doesn’t mean that there “couldn’t be other negative effects “of having a site where more people are, “for example, getting hooked on drugs “or trying drugs because
they think it’s safe, “or they think it’s legitimate
or they think it’s legal. “We don’t attract people
to go down this path “of drug dependency that
destroys their lives.” All right, and so a big
part of their concern and a part of their argument is kind of the same as the clean needles argument, that a safe injection site could normalize and inadvertently encourage drug abuse, with the government also saying that a supervised injection site would violate part of the
Controlled Substances Act of 1980, specifically a section widely known as “The Crackhouse Statute.” Which makes it illegal to maintain spaces to make, store, distribute,
or use illegal drugs, which is important because while Safehouse didn’t plan to make,
store, or distribute drugs, they would allow people to
bring their own and use. But on the other side of things, Safehouse has argued that the statute had originally been passed to crack down on owners of drug dens or people selling drugs out of their cars, with the attorney for Safehouse saying that the site wouldn’t
violate federal laws because it’s focus
would be on saving lives and encouraging people addicted
to opioids to be treated, which on that note, you had city officials in Philadelphia estimating that such a site could save 75 lives each year. As far as the reason we’re talking about this today is that yesterday we finally saw a federal
judge rule on the matter, and the judge cited in
the favor of Safehouse, saying in his decision, “the ultimate goal “of Safehouse’s proposed operation “is to reduce drug use, not facilitate it, “and accordingly, the statute does “not prohibit Safehouse’s
proposed conduct.” Right, and so with that,
the judge concluded that the Crack House
Statute wouldn’t apply here, and that because the context here is significantly different, also, because of this decision,
the federal government is expected to appeal,
with McSwain saying, “the Department of
Justice remains committed “to preventing illegal drug
injection sites from opening. “Today’s opinion is merely the first step “in a much longer legal
process that will play out. “This case is obviously far from over.” But still, we are where we are here, a decision has been made, and that’s why it’s expected that
officials in other cities like New York and Seattle
have been watching closely. Right, because the judge’s decision here could give them the precedence to open up sites of their own, some of which have actually
already been proposed. However, you also had U.S.
Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen warning those cities saying, “any attempt to open
illicit drug injection sites “in other jurisdictions while this case “is pending will continue to
be met with immediate action.” Yeah, ultimately that’s where
we are with this right now. It is gonna be interesting to
see what happens from here. With this story, I do wanna pass the question off to you that do you think that drug injection
sites should be a thing? Do you agree with the concerns that this might encourage drug
use or first time use? What do you think, having a place where someone can be safer,
that’s more controlled, that’s monitored, the
possibility of funneling sums and treatment
services, is that better? And so any and all thoughts on this, I’d love to hear from you. And that’s where I’m
going to end today’s show, and hey, if you like this
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