Why is the Xenomorph so Aggressive?

Ok in this video we will discuss why xenomorphs
are so aggressive, and whether they are capable of empathy at all, like we as humans are. In the original Alien movie, the xenomorph
starts killing crew members after emerging from the chest of Kane. But why? Is the alien trying to protect itself and
sees all other lifeforms as a potential threat? Or is it simply hunting for food? One could argue that the xeno wanted to be
left alone, hence why it was hiding, but since the crew members kept hunting for it, it had
to attack in response. In the deleted scenes we see Dallas and Brett
being turned into eggs containing face huggers, a process called egg morphing. Some believe this is how Xenos reproduce when
there is no Queen present, and the eggs likely contain a royal facehugger, to produce a new
Queen. According to lore established in Aliens vs
Predator 2 for the PC, an alien drone in the absence of a queen will go into hibernation
and begin moulting. Its exoskeleton becomes harder as it goes
through a type of mutation that ultimately gives rise to a Praetorian-class Alien. If one of these survives long enough (and
if a queen is yet to rise) then it will eventually morph into a new queen. This is how new hives are established. Perhaps the xenomorphs are most aggressive
when a queen is present. Aliens is the first time we saw the queen
alien, and the warriors fiercely defended the nest against the marines. Here they appear to be a eusocial species
similar to ants. They even tried to carry out a sneak attack
on the marines as evidenced by the gun turret scene. Little did the aliens know the marines were
down to 10 bullets. You should have carried on. In Alien resurrection, we see that xenomorphs
are willing to kill each other to ensure the continuation of their species, when they kill
one of their own to escape the cages. This suggests social behaviour and hierarchy. The Xenos picked one of their own to be sacrificed,
suggesting he was lower on the pecking order. It’s likely drones, warriors, praetorians
and queens all have set positions and roles within the hierarchy. But what makes the xenomorph terrifying is
the fact that, unlike animals, it appears to enjoy making its victims suffer, as evidenced
by the scene in Alien where the xenomorph appears to violate Lambert. Oh, by the way, in the original scene, it
was Brett who was supposed to get violated by the Xeno. So anyway, the Xeno appears to have a sadistic
nature, which shows high intelligence. Another possible explanation is that they
were engineered to be aggressive. Prometheus certainly gave us some clues. The deacon mural in Prometheus and the urn
room suggest that the engineers have created xenomorphs before to be used as weapons, possibly
to wipe out existing life on a planet. Maybe they’re not animals. Instead, with their hard exoskeletons and
acid for blood, they’re machines, built for killing. They are no more or less to blame for killing
than a genetically engineered virus would be. Also, the derelict ship found in the original
alien movie appeared to be a bomber of sorts. The pilot was somehow killed by a chestburster,
and the ship crash landed on lv-426. The cargo? Thousands of facehugger eggs. Where was the pilot headed? What was the purpose of the cargo? It’s easy to think of the Xenos as single-minded
killers, only concerned about the survival and spread of their own species. But one wonders if they are capable of empathy
or mercy? The queen alien in resurrection appears to
bond with the new born, before the new born kills it. However, it’s important to remember this
queen alien was infected with human DNA so perhaps the perceived empathy was due to this. The Xenos sometimes kill, but sometimes kidnap
victims to be taken back to the hive, so this shows that they are capable of restraining
themselves from killing for a higher purpose, which again shows intelligence. One also wonders how the baby chestbursters
get treated by the adult Xenos in a hive? Do they get fed and looked after until they’re
older like mammals do? Do the babies need any training or do they
operate on pure instinct? Perhaps moments of empathy can be witnessed
here. So, to wrap it up, I guess the big question
is, are xenomorphs simply acting on instinct and mindlessly protecting their own species,
or, are they much more intelligent than we perceive and kill humans sadistically, since
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