Why is My Cat Aggressive? Reasons Your Cat is Aggressive & How to Help!

it will help them wind down become calm
and focus that aggression on something other than another living being hi guys
welcome back to the channel its Claire and Rags and over here in UK it’s still rather
warm so again Ragsy and I are in the summer
house trying to keep cool now this week we have a video for you and we are going
to talk about your cat and aggression so if your cat has started showing some
aggressive behaviour I have some tips and advice for you on why that might be
the case now their aggression may be because they are injured or in pain now
cats are notoriously good at hiding when they’re in pain and you need to know the
warning signs to look out for but if your cat is in pain and is anticipating
you touching them holding them or trying to administer any care to them they may
become aggressive them being aggressive while they’re injured or a
pain is there way of keeping you and other animals away from them while they
heal now this is a natural instinct but it can be problematic if you need to
give your cat some care or first aid the best thing you can do is try and get
your cat to comfortably into a carrier and take them straight to the vet now
another reason your cat might become aggressive is because you’re giving them
too much attention now I know that sounds really strange but it is true a
lot of cats that don’t mind being cuddled and carried around and petted some of them
actually quite like it other cats just tolerate this and let
you pet them occasionally but some cats do have a very short fuse when it
comes to attention and petting now if their tolerance is run out of you fussing them
or grooming them or carrying them around a quick swipe a play bite there ears going flat
or their tail twitching should be good enough for them to
tell you hey leave me alone now I kind of want my own space don’t forget
respect your cat’s boundaries now another reason your cat might be showing
aggressive behaviour is if they’re are frightened now a cat who is scared will
almost certainly show aggressive behavior now this will be that they puff
up their tails and they arch their back flatten their ears and swish their tails
around but also their pupils will be dilated and they might hiss at you now
this is a panic reaction so it’s very important for you to stay away from your
cat and not try to touch them or hold them even if you want to soothe
them so so bad what you need to do is make sure that
your cat can go somewhere safe and comfortable for them to feel safe and
happy now this might happen for a variety reasons there may be an
unfamiliar animal at the house an unfamiliar cat or dog or even person or
they may have been in a fight had a rather aggressive altercation with
another cat or they might actually be injured now what you need to do is make
sure that whatever it is that is frightening your cat is taken away or
your cat is able to go somewhere safe and finally your cat may be
aggressive towards you because they’re frustrated now have you ever heard your
cat do that little clicky noise it’s really really cute actually
and it usually happens when they’re sat in the window and watching birds or
animals in the garden but this can turn into aggression and it can be directed
towards you if it’s something that makes the cat feel a lot more uncomfortable
than just frustrated so if there is another cat that they see in their
territory or a larger animal say a dog or even another person it is going
to make them not only frustrated but be aggressive too – cats are fiercely
territorial and if they see someone or something in their territory
and they can’t get to it they are going to be very annoyed very frustrated and
the aggression is probably going to be turned to someone who is nearest the cat, mainly
you now the best thing to do with this is to have a good play session with your
cat and something that is either on a rod or on the end of a string it’s
no where near your fingers thanks for watching guys I hope you found these tips
interesting and useful now if you’ve got any extra tips or a reasons your cat
might be acting aggressive towards you please feel free to leave them in the
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