Why Dog Become Aggressive? 6 Types Of Dog Aggression Revealed

Hi, Mirko here from Healthy Pet Systems. Today I will tell you why dog become aggressive. So let’s start. Was your dog aggressive at any time? You should examine the situations that may
have made your dog become aggressive. To get the root cause, you can try answering
to the following: First, who or what made the dog become aggressive? Second, where did this occur? Third, when was it? Fourth, what was happening at that particular time? Fifth, what had happened to the dog before the
occurrence? And the sixth, what made the dog to stop its aggression? Getting answers to these questions will help
you discover what it is exactly, that had happened to your dog to get that reaction. This diagnosis is helpful before you decide
on the next step. Remember that dog became aggressive because
of some trigger and aggression is just a behavior that is the answer to the situation. Ok, now let’s see types of dog aggression: The type number one, territorial aggression. These dogs live in specific areas and they
protect their homes from any intruders. You will find the dogs barking at other: Dogs and animals. People. This type of dog aggression happens between
the ages of 1 to 3 years. Type number two, possessive aggression. It is believed that in the ancient day’s
dogs evolved from harsh environments and realities. They had to fight for food, sites for nesting
and even mates. Possessive aggression is liable to both male
and female dogs. The puppies can have this type of aggression
too. The third type, defensive aggression. This type of aggression is somehow the same
as fear aggression. The dogs that have defensive aggression are
inspired by fear. Dogs with defensive aggression will charge
at people or animals that scare them. They can bark or growl. Type number four, protective aggression. In case dogs are left all alone, you will
find them living in groups and packs made of friends and families. They have always been social animals. The family member can be another: animal or human being. This might seem very cute but it might be
dangerous after the dog starts showing this aggression to everyone else who appears as
a threat to the well-being of child. Type number five, fear aggression. During the times when we are afraid of something,
we try to avoid it right? This also happens to animals. A fearful dog will run from a person or an
animal that threatened to scare it but after you turn, it will run behind you and attack! This is one of the reasons why you should
not show your back to a dog that is fearful. And the last type, social aggression Like we mentioned before, dogs are social
animals. They care about social status. Are you asking yourself: Why my dog has become
aggressive towards me? The dogs with high status might tend to be
more aggressive to keep reminding the rest of their positions. Ok, that were the 6 types of dog aggression
that can occur. To find out more, I created a great guide
about dog aggression. In it, you will find top 14 dog aggression
signs, types of aggression in dogs, how to stop dog aggression, how to control dog aggression,
how to correct dog aggression, and a lot more. A link is down below in the description. If you like this video, hit the subscribe
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