Why Cool Cat needs to be STOPPED ($50 000) Cringe Tuesdays #5

ahhhhhhhhhhhh You ever had one of those days where you just tired for no reason? *yEh,* *i dO aLl da tHime* Okay, well no one asked I’m having one of those days So therefore can’t stand up for some reason So therefore, today we are gonna watch a movie FOR CRINGE TUESDAYS!!! [CRINGE TUESDAYS PLAYS] COOL CAT cool cat COOL CAT Its made by Derek Savage. The perfect representation of a kids movie COOL CAT Cool cat is an anti bullying movie and cool cat is the coolest cat in the world You can tell this guy wanted to make action films But some where along the line you just end up becoming a cool cat (MUSIC PLAYS) COOL CAT KIDS SUPERHERO COOL CAT KIDS SUPERHERO COOL CAT KIDS SUPERHERO Thats the actual name of this film Fun trivia! If you click trivia here it says that “The original title was ‘Cool Cat Loves You’ but was changed to ‘Cool Cat the Kids Superhero’ after Derek Savage read an article saying that the only movies doing well are superhero related and decided that kids needed a superhero COOL CAT SUPERHERO *Laughs* WeIrD Co Ol CaT So NG This is a classic example of Derek Savage genius. He breaks the law – he breaks the rules of storytelling, it’s show don’t tell doesn’t exist here. PAINTING A PICTURE!!! I AM PAINTING PICTURE!! MAKING YOUTUBE VIDEO! MAKING YOUTUBE VIDEO! X2 I AM MAKING YOUTUBE VIDEO! Hello everyone, my name is pewdiepie I’m making youtube video Cool cat- A touch more hereeeeeeeeeeee
Pewds- He’s not even painting! Out comes Derek Savage Oh hi cool cat. What are you doing? Hey daddy Derek, I’m just painting a picture. *thinks about life* I like how he calls him daddy. I’m gonna practice my new rap song. Cool Cat rap master. Oh that sounds cool. Would you like me to be the mixing boy for you? THANKS! That would be great. *Cringes* What in the- What in the what is happening. PAINTING PICTURE! NOW I MADE RAP SONG! Oh that awesome. Do wanna- do you wanna make me do the mixing for ya I could produce the song. We can release an LP. We could shoot the whole video right now. Let’s do it. Let’s go. I don’t- I think it’s safe to say. I don’t have high hopes for this song. *chuckles* Derek: Let me open the door for you son. Come on in. Why does it sound like he’s about to molest him. No one likes opening doors for anyone that much SPOILERS *whispers* there is and it’s because that cool cat can’t open doors. Because of his giant fingers He keeps referencing this throughout the- LET ME GET THE DOOR FOR YOU. *Laughs* YOU CAN JUST OPEN THE DOOR, YOU DIDN’T NEED TO SAY IT WHY DO I CARE? Hey, so I want you to go stand there behind your microphone. So we have a good time. There we go buddy. To a- record. A lot of people don’t know this, you need to stay behind the microphone. Stand over there behind the microphone. Oh wow Cool Cat. I’m ready. Okay. Monotone Pewds: Let’s go Let’s bust out some rhymes. One, Two, Three [Music plays] *Cringes* How long is this film? *Looks* How long is it? One hour twenty-five Surely the rap can’t be that bad. ’cause it’s cool cat after all. [bad rapping] *Regrets* That doesn’t even rhyme. You couldn’t even rhyme the first line? You can’t rhyme anything with hop? Pop, Shop, Stop. Jesus Christ! [Music continues][more bad rapping] Inner pewds: plskillme Oh my ghad. Changing the game. Changing the rap game. The flow. 🎵He’s the coolest cat and I love him so🎵 and he’s the… best cat because… he is great. A hErO.. Wow that was great Cool Cat. Wow and I love to be creative *pls kill me* Just- this isn’t what I’ve said so many times. STOP BEING CREATIVE STOP IT STOP BEING CREATIVE. NOT GOOD *reads lyrics on the screen* So there are actual lyrics *SPOILER ALERT* Ok this is kind of a spoiler, but when they sing the actual song, They’re not singing the lyrics *The song is sung in spanish… An since spanish does not have “rock n roll” as a legit word they changed it from cool cat wants to dance* *chuckles* *attempts to sing in spanish * “cool cat is going to rock n roll” (in spanish) Is that a cool cat key chainnnnnnnnnn I hope the kids LLLLLLLLLLLLLOVE ITTTTT i bet the kids will boogie to that song Is it me or is cool cat’s mom kind of hot (not just you pewds) So it looks like the parade…. they just hijacked someone else’s parade but then, they are actually in the parade and I’m like, what is this parade I think that’s supposed to be me… Cool Cat is the creation of Hollywood’s very own Derek Savage Cool Cat and his adventures are featured in several children’s books, including Cool Cat Loves Karate as well as a new video project called Cool Cat Stops Bullying. *crowd screaming* Cool Cat, ahh, is holding me at gunpoint! CoOOlL Cat is the greatest movie- *cough* I like how he brought his camera for this event, but the shots that he gets of the audience it’s just like…actually worse quality than my videos. *Pewds giggle* It’s always so weird to me, like, this guy clearly tried to create some sort of concept, he probably put a lot of money and time and…effort into it, it’s… *sigh* Y, yknow in a way I feel bad. But also, Cool Cat–I dunno… So all of a sudden, tables are turned here… *aheh* The bully becomes the bullied. “Hey, you BuLlY!” “Cool Cat’s going to be in a hollywood parade and you’re not!” “And we’re going to a movie star’s house to have fun and you’re not!” (sick burn) (*Nelson mode activated*) “Ha ha, go bully that!” (???) And they add it as a trivia, (Felix reading off the screen) “Character Error: Despite Maria and Cool Cat said earlier that bullying is bad and it shouldn’t be done so ih–done, she is later seen bullying Butch by making fun of him that he is not invited to the house of Vivica A. Fox.” Then all of a sudden Erik Estrada is acting in one of the scenes, I don’t know who he is, but apparently… he’s the…he’s the guy… “Hey, who’s that kid?” *Pewds chuckle* “I don’t know. Probably one of Cool Cat’s friends.” “Aw, no, I don’t think so, Vivica. All of Cool Cat’s friends are cool. That kid looks like he’s up to trouble.” (through some chuckling) All Cool Cat kids are cool. THAT kid however? NOT COOL. “Better not be a bully, because I don’t like bullies.” Felix: AAAHH
“Better not be a bully, because I don’t like bullies.” I dOn’T lIkE bUlLieS, he could be a bully! “I can’t believe it, that bully is back for more!” “This time, I wanna talk to him.” “Yeah, I wanna have a word with him too.” “Wait wait wait…Vivica, look!” “hEh” “Lookit Cool Cat in action!” “We’re not scared of you any more! So you better quit bullying us!” “Yeah, and you better stop RiGhT nOw!” “i’M GOING TO TELL MY MOM YOU Y E L L E D AT ME” So Cool Cat’s tip, eehh, to stop bullying is to just say, “leave me alone”. And it worked. “ShhhhhOot!” “I want to hang out with ageptanobadey neeba! (?????)” “That darn Nivica Fox and Erik Estrada messed it up!” I DON’T UNDERSTAND A SINGLE WORD THAT YOU’RE SAYING. “-think another way to get Cool Cat. So he ain’t escaped nothing yet!” “hHA HA HAA” It hurts. “Oh, no! It’s Butch the bully!” “He’s a dirty litterbun!(?) He has to be stopped!” “It’s up to you, Cool Cat! Go save the children!” “Yeah, go get ’em, Cool Cat!” “I’m Cool Cat! And I’m gonna proTECT THE KIIIDS!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF9ZLNxHaBY *SCREEEEECH* “hhhhhHA HA HAA! This time you will trip on any of the flaaa I just make!” (what language is this) WHAT IS HE SAYING? Oh God. Go, Cool Cat. Kill that child. Please. HE JUMPED OVER THE CANDY? *SCREEE-* And the cops arrest the child. That’s right, everyone. How do we stop bullying? Uh, just let *snicker* the cops arrest the bully. That’s all that you need to do, this sends a great message, and how to stop bullying, I’ve never seen any more… better *ahah* ideas Oh no, the caahps, they got me! You’re goin’ to the ranch, kid. I, I feel like I would be a lot more forgiving to this film if it actually had some good anti-bullying message, that could actually kids benefit from. “iS THAT-” So, then the movie takes a really really really really weird turn. Cool Cat…finds a gun. “Oh no, it’s a gun! And it looks like a real one!” “IT IS A REAL GUN!” “I saw the policeman’s one before!” Now you can shoot the bully. (Genius Pewds strikes again) But somehow, they mess it up, AND THE BULLY GETS THE GUN! Cool Cat wakes up and is like, “I don’t wanna go to school, the bully is gonna bring the gun to school!” “I had a bad dream! I dreamed that Butch the bully brought the gun to school!” “Aw, don’t worry about that Cool Cat. I’ll be with you kids, so everything will be okay.” Don’t worry about that, you should still go to school, Cool Cat! WHAT THE HELL? And they a–and he brought the gun to school! “Okay kids, don’t panic and just stand beside me.” “I’m scared.” “Yeah, I don’t wanna get hurt.” “Don’t worry! It’ll be alright! Our teachers will help!” “Are you sure?” “I know our teachers will help. They care for us-” Is this some…sort of…thing about… teachers being armed in school now, is that the… *chuckles* What is this going? “-help.” “Thank you, guys.” “I do feel a lot better to be with you.” (English 100) “Okay kids, come on, just get inside the school. They’ll help us, they’ll call the police.” Oh my God.
They’ll help us, they’ll call the police.” “Then everything will be cool! Because the police, they’re our friends!” “Those cops will get those bad guys.” “Come on, kids, let’s get inside. Come on now. Come on, come on come on, come on Cool Cat. Come on.” *epic fleeing scene* “Oh, no, it’s the police! We’re in trouble!” “Ohhhh, my momma’s gonna whoop mee…” “Shut up, bonehead!” “Put the gun down. Put the gun down right now.” “Do what he says, Butch, don’t be stupid!” “Put the gun down.” “Darn, they got me AGAIN!” They got him again. They just got him again What–so the kid just goes to jail. How does this stop bullying, I’m so confused. “LoOk” “The problem is over!” Problem oova! Kid in jaaail! Brooooooooouh “tHaNkS, Maria!” Ehhhhhh, then, the kid–the kid comes back… the kid that went to jail comes back from jail, but– “Cool Cat and Maria.” (reverb 100) “I, I wanted to apologize for all the dumb stuff I did.” Something…
“I, I wanted to apologize for all the dumb stuff I did.” “I, I wanted to apologize for all the dumb stuff I did.” …is different.
“I’m sorry.” “It’s okay! And thanks for apologizing! But…how’d you get out so fast? We saw a policeman get you!” “My momma got me out, and she spanked my BUTT” So they go through all the things they learned, and, uh, they realize that’s–there’s no stopping bullying. “I’ve thought long and hard about this, and…with cyberbullying, you kinda…can’t really stop it if you don’t know where it’s comin’ from.” *laughs* Cyberbullying, eh you just can’t do anything about it! Mehh-heh. “I’ve been asked what makes Cool Cat the rap master,” And that’s Cool Cat, everyone.
“I’ve been asked what makes Cool Cat the rap master,” And that’s Cool Cat, everyone.
“When they hear the rhymes, they know the answer!” Thank God it’s over.
“When they hear the rhymes, they know the answer!” “When they hear the rhymes, they know the answer!” “So if you’re not–” “Hi, I’m Derek Savage and I’m the creator of Cool Cat. Well, I hope you really enjoyed the video, and I’d like to introduce you to our Cool Cat family. First, here’s Cool Cat!” “Hi! If you wanna be a cool cat, don’t be a bully!” “And this is Miss Vivica A-” This makes me wanna bully. *laughs* Hope you guys enjoyed this video, smash like, subscribe, almost at a hundred million! And I’ll see you guys next time. Bye! “There ain’t no hate, and all (?) is great! ‘Cause Cool Cat is full of love for all his mates!” Outro tiiime! Much love from Ohio, fellas, will always support the King. A L I E N T I M E tbh I really liked the designs for Edgar and Maya during the tech event. wouldn’t have minded them staying the way the whole time. TRON is awesome. -and THEN you can tell me if it’s good or not. Not convinced yet? Okay, I’ll cut you a deal. The game is available for free. And that’s a great price! 100 MILLION ON THE HORIZON, BROS