Why Are Kids Bullying Themselves Online?

Cyberbullying is unfortunately a term. We’ve become all too familiar with but this next internet danger is one you probably haven’t heard of yet Parents want to protect their kids from online predators, but what happens when they’re cyberbullying Themselves it may sound hard to believe but self Cyberbullying is a tragic new trend where teens anonymously post mean things about themselves To gain attention and sympathy from the online community According to the cyberbullying Research Center about 6% of kids ages 12 through 17 have bullied themselves Digitally and recent stats show that those most at risk are depressed girls So how damaging is this form of self cyberbullying? So very disturbing, but dr. Judy you say self Cyberbullying is a legit Rijn sadly growing trend sadly groans sadly legit trend I’ve actually treated many patients with this and it’s really hard to detect so we don’t have good statistics on it’s not like cutting where self-injury Behavior exactly absolutely right it’s just another type of self-destructive behavior That’s a little bit easier to hide because if you are in a stew parent you’re gonna start seeing these marks on your kids Right and now these kids are saying okay? well
Here’s another way in which I can hide because they use fake aliases online to bully Themselves so they will make comments on their own pictures about you’re not worthy of being alive. You’re so ugly Why don’t you just go and cut your face, but these comments are coming from the individual? Themselves and that’s what’s really scary is that that still contributes even more to their low self-esteem And makes them want to even attempt suicide or other types in that whole phrase of what the mind Conceives the body a cheese is usually used to motivate like you know for a good athletic event or giving a great speech or something But it’s also true in the negative sphere so what the mind conceives the body achieves. You’re fat. You’re ugly you’re not worthy the Suicide rate listen to this stat. It’s astounding amongst girls between 12 and 17 years old doubled between 2007 in 2015 what happened they Facebook Twitter snapchat Instagram that’s what happened right there. Nothing else changed absolutely, and I think sometimes when I talk to these patients I talk to them about why they would do this and of course yes the low self-esteem They don’t actually think they deserve better, but also it’s almost as a way to protect themselves Preemptively like if they say something horrible about their own posts Then if somebody won’t hurt if somebody else does that they beat them to the punch right and that’s really sad these examples may seem Like no big deal, but let’s let’s use some examples. Here’s of self cyberbullying you look disgusting You’re fat and ugly You aren’t worthy of love or being alive? That last one is the biggest red flag to me because you start telling yourself. You’re not worthy of being loved or being alive Gets back to that teen suicide rate doubling in eight years. This is a cry for help Just as physical abuse so doctor Judy. Tell us as parents. I have three eight-year-old boys How do I watch out for this kind of behavior since there’s no visible cut sometimes parents are a little shy about? Intruding on their kid I don’t want to intrude on my child. Well. You know what they’re under 18 They live in your house. It is your responsibility to monitor them it is your responsibility