What Is Black Girl Magic?

– Ever since I was a little girl I’ve believed in fairytales, and magic and all that kinda thing. When it came time to come up with a saying or phrase to validate black women to speak about greatness, black girls are magic, it just made sense to me. (dramatic music) First thing I envision is women who are black women specifically, just making a way outta no way. By coming into their own, being self-sufficient, extraordinarily so. And just being amazing,
under all circumstances, and any circumstances. Anything you could possibly think of a black woman has been able to do it and do it in a way that
makes people take note. – When I hear black girl magic I see bold women, confident women, women that are also able to be vulnerable, but also stand in who they are and be confident and own who they are. – Black girl magic is
complete feminine power, complete goddess power, tapping into your melanin in your DNA to activate your ancestors, to activate your true self purpose. – Black girl magic is just
the epitome of being yourself, being awesome, being amazing, and just embodying that
in every way possible. – I think just black
girls or black cis girls, black trans girls, just doing
what feels good for them. – [CaShawn Thompson] I hope
they feel pride in themselves and pride in other black women. It’s just, it’s so important to me that we feel validated and uplifted. Cause there’s so many negatives out there. I want us to always be able to have something positive to hold on to for ourselves. – First time I heard black girl magic it made me feel tied to all the brown girls around the world. – I think it’s the way we walk, I think it’s the way we dress. – I think black girl magic is something, a spark almost. Something extra little oomph that we put into everything that we do. – When you see a black woman, you see all of black culture. – Black girl magic is
the ability to overcome, the ability to do amazing boss ass shit, with very little. – [CaShawn Thompson] The
black girl magic hashtag is about celebration and
triumph over struggle, but it’s not just one or the other, it’s all those things, cause we encompass all those things. Our struggles build us up, but so do our celebrations and all the happiness
and joy we experience, and all those things that
come along with being, you know, multi ability humans, everything that comes along with being more than just one thing. (dramatic music)