What Do Japanese Think Of Plastic Surgery | ASIAN BOSS

Hey guys, it’s Kei from Asian Boss. In case you’ve been living under a rock, you are probably aware that people tend to… judge other’s physical appearances a lot in Asia. This is true for China, Korea, and Japan. In the mainstream media, however, Korea gets disproportionate attention
for being the plastic surgery capital of the world. But what about Japan? Have you ever wondered how Japanese people feel about
getting plastic surgery? Our Asian Boss correspondent, Hiroko, will hit the streets of Tokyo to find out. Have you ever considered getting plastic surgery? Yes, I have. If on my face, I’d like to have my jawline reshaped. Your jawline? No I haven’t. Me neither. I’ve thought about doing it. I want to make my nose bridge higher. No, I haven’t. Yes, I have. I thought about getting
double eyelid surgery several times. If you were offered free plastic surgery, would you take it? While it’d be nice to fix some facial features, I’d be a little hesitant to accept it. I’d be certainly interested… but if it was for real, I’d be like:
“I’m not sure about this!” It’d depend on the scale of surgery. Major surgery like shaving the jawline would be a little scary. But I’d be open to getting
minor ones like double eyelid surgery. What do you think
is the most common procedure in Japan? -I think it’s probably the eyelid one.
-I agree. The eyelid surgery
would be most common, given people’s insecurity with having small eyes. So what do they want? Of course making
their eyes look bigger. If you found out your girlfriend
had done plastic surgery in the past, how’d you feel? I’d be concerned as to why
she did it in the first place. Minor eyelid surgery
would be acceptable. But I wouldn’t like it
if she changed everything. I probably wouldn’t
hold it against her. Where is the limit for you though? I wouldn’t like it if
she had a boob job. Would you be ok if
she had a boob job? I think I’d be ok with it. So you wouldn’t mind at all? No I wouldn’t. I’d probably be okay with it. I do see girls with
big boobs on TV… but when I find out that
their boobs are fake… I get reminded that
I prefer natural. So you think it’s better not to do it. Yes, I think so. Let’s say you did
get plastic surgery. Would you try to hide it
or say you did it? I’d hide it. In some countries, getting plastic
surgery might be more acceptable… but I don’t think that’s
the case in Japan. I think countries like Korea might be more forgiving when it
comes to getting plastic surgery. So if Japanese society becomes more accepting, you’d be upfront about it? If everyone’s doing it, I’d say it. If it were my family,
they could probably tell so… I’d tell them But when it comes to
my school friends, I’d probably
try to hide it. They’d probably ask: “What
happened to your eyes?” Then I’d lie and say
I got eyelid glue on. I think people around me
would be able to tell… if my face looked
different all of a sudden. -So you probably wouldn’t
be able to hide it? Yes, I wouldn’t be able to. -So you’d say it?
-I’d probably say it. How you think people perceive
plastic surgery in Japan? Probably not something
you discuss openly. People would try to hide it. If you had an accident or something
and did plastic surgery. But if you get it just
to improve your looks, it’d be looked down upon. If plastic surgery improves
the quality of your life, I think that’s fine. However if it’s just about
satisfying your own ego, I don’t know if people
will be too accepting. People probably wouldn’t think
of it as a positive thing. There is a saying:
“Don’t try to change what your parents gave you.” A lot of people think
you should look the way you were born. But I wouldn’t be surprised if many
high school or university students… already did double
eyelid surgery. I think our parent’s generation
would be very strict and most would be against getting
plastic surgery. But I do think our generation
is more open to the idea.