What Counts as Cyberbullying? with Missharvey

I talked to every kid in this tournament
and only one in four was willing to admit they had been cyber bullied. It’s consistent with the stats I’ve read so it’s no surprise to me but I think this
stat is getting bigger and bigger and a lot of people don’t really agree on the
definition of cyber bullying. I think most of these kids probably
think it’s long term online harassment when for me, if you get insulted
in the online game, even if you never see that person again, I think that can be considered
as cyberbullying. I thought that was just getting into the
head of your opponent I think it depends on what you say and
that’s where the thin line is so easily crossable. If you just let it go and go
too hard on your smack talk and then you get personal, in the end I don’t think
it’s smack talk anymore.