We’ve Wasted More Plastic Than You Can Imagine

Humans have wasted a LOT of plastic
in the last 60 years. 6,300,000,000 metric tons. We’ve thrown out or incinerated 5.7 billion metric tons— 90.5% of all plastic ever made. That’s the equivalent of 7.2 trillion grocery bags,
each filled with 31 plastic water bottles. Recycling that plastic could give every person on Earth more than 3,600 shirts—a lifetime supply. An island made of 7.2 trillion plastic bags… would be roughly the size of Texas. Or we could cover every road in America… nearly 800 times. Here are 3 things we can all do
to reduce our plastic waste. No. 1: Order less takeout. Between plastic containers, plastic utensils and wrapping, plastic straws, and the bag it all comes in, it adds up quickly. A 2015 EPA study found plastics were nearly
19% of landfill waste from consumers. Try cooking extra food over the weekend
and packing it in resuable containers. No. 2: Choose paper over plastic. If paper goods end up in a landfill, they’ll
decompose in a reasonable amount of time instead of thousands of years, like plastic. No. 3: Carry your own water bottle Don’t let your bottle become part of the
billions of tons of plastic waste.