Weight Bias at Home and School: Preview

I was teased a lot because
I’m overweight. “Wouldn’t it be quicker if you just smeared that on your thighs?”
/laughter/ “Can you say carbs?” A lot of it was behind my back but then
a lot of it was also to my face. “You’re a disgusting, fat pig!” Which, made me feel terrible. My name is Emme, and as the first plus size
supermodel, Trust me! I know what it’s like to be judged based on my size. But I’m also a mom and now one of my life’s greatest passions is to be part of creating a world where children can grow
up happy, successful and fulfilled at any size. Obesity in children and adults has
doubled in the past twenty years. Alarmingly, it’s tripled in teens. Children as young as three years old
view overweight peers as mean, stupid, ugly, unhappy, lazy, having few friends and undesirable as playmates. “Hey Ralph.” “Hey Ralph! What’s that? Your lunch box?” /laughter/
My friend was picked on by a teacher. He called her chubby and stuff and i just thought i was
very uncalled for and a teacher shouldn’t say anything like that. People are afraid of what’s different from them. ‘Oh, look at that shirt she was wearing, her stomach’s
popping out and everything.’ ‘Wide load coming through.’ It just felt wrong. I felt like I couldn’t do anything about it. Many students face this torment daily. It takes a toll or on their emotional and physical health. One study even found that the quality of
life for obese children is as low as children with cancer. “Oh, God, here comes the earthquake.” /laughter/ Weight bias is a very socially acceptable
in North American society; it’s rarely challenged and it’s often ignored. Victims of weight bias are more
susceptible to loneliness, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, poor body image, and suicidal thoughts and behaviors.
We believe that there’s a strong social injustice occurring here. The hundreds of millions of people
around the world are deeply affected by this and it just doesn’t need to occur. Race bias doesn’t need to occur and gender bias doesn’t
need to occur for and weight bias doesn’t need to occur.