We Delivered Your Hats! – #HatNotHate 2019

>>We are at PS 16 in Staten Island, New
York and we have delivered over 500 hats to this amazing school.>>We have such an awesome responsibility
to ensure that our babies not only leave us strong and proficient in reading
writing and math but they also leave us as good human beings.>>Hat Not Hate, it
gives you something to look forward to if you feel like you’re being bullied. So
I think it’s really kind of cool to have something to be positive.
>>I love the hashtag and I think that silent “e” can change so much! It’s so big
like it can change a word, it can change a meaning, but it can make such a
difference!>>I think that they are going to feel confident to stand up to
bullying to, you know, if they see somebody’s being picked on, that they’re
going to be there for them. Whether it be to go tell an adult or it’s to be there
to try to boost their morale, I think that they’re gonna know that they’re
leaders and that they have the power.>>Whoever choose to wear the hat, feels
like more that like they’re powerful.>>If everyone knows this maybe we could stop
bullying.>>It means we can stop bullying altogether with the people who have the
hats on. Even if they don’t have hats, they can help stop bullying.>>For me it
means unity, coming together, recognizing that we’re all different but yet all the
same.>>It’s an honor to wear this hat, I love the the hashtag Hat Not Hate. I
love that someone would ask me, “Why are you wearing a blue hat?” and then I could
share that message.>>I think it a hat means so much more than just something to wear
on their heads. I think it’s something that is so symbolic to them that they’re
going to go right back to this day and think about how they were an agent of
change and how our student council led this crusade of justice and having
courage and being brave. Right? Because we want to raise our kids to be brave and
stand up for what’s right.>>Every student, teacher, employee of this school received
a hat today and holy smokes. All the dreams! It was, it was, it was pretty cool
seeing everyone in their blue hat today.>>Hat Not Hate!