Ways to look after yourself if you’re experiencing bullying

Listening to music and reading books and, um… I mean, YouTube is a beautiful thing. I tried to keep doing things that I enjoyed. Sports really helped me, like, I really loved
to go jogging and play soccer. Because it’s a good distraction but, I found
after I did something like that I felt I was more happy. I lived quite close to the school and I opted
often to walk home, rather than catch the bus. So that was good for me to get my exercise, some
fresh air, but also be able to create some space between me and the people I went to
school with. I loved listening to music. Back in those
days it was like punk and that kind of thing. I’m very into mindfulness and meditation these
days. If I had known about mindfulness or meditation
type stuff back then, I feel like that would have really helped. I really liked drawing and playing netball
and doing my studies. Those things just made me feel a lot better.