Warning: Aggressive Birds

So, I had to step away from the
job site and make a phone call so there is a hawk nesting in the area
which really didn’t work out too well for me I was walking back and forth of this sidewalk
and I as I was on the phone I saw a bird just kind of swoop down and fly up on
that branch and you can kind of see where the nest was where all the kind
of the Spanish moss is hanging down And I thought to myself you know, “Oh cool, a
hawk,” you know, “that was neat,” you know And so I continued with my phone call
and then as I was walking down here again, no hard hat on because I
wasn’t in the construction zone something hit me on the back of the head And I dropped my phone, you
know, made a few comments that I probably shouldn’t say again,
repeat again, at least on camera and then I turned around and I
couldn’t see anything that hit me And so I was feeling around my head and my
head was bleeding and my head was hurting and I couldn’t figure out what was going on
and so I walked back to the trailer I grabbed one of my co-workers, one of my
teammates, and explained to him what happened and I had just gotten done with
a like a two or three day vacation, and he said, “Oh, man you wouldn’t
believe it. While you were gone someone over here, in this
corner got attacked by a hawk.” And so it all came together. I
saw the hawk, something hit me in the back of the head and I when I
turned around I couldn’t identify it And then after that happened to me, apparently
it happened to three or four more people And then they put these signs
you can see where it warns people and they had actually used
some sort of a caution tape and taped off this area to keep people
safe from not walking into this area so they wouldn’t be attacked by the bird