Wacky Wednesday – Personal Hygiene

So what day is it it’s Wacky Wednesday where we look at all those crazy things that happen in HR I’m Brad Adams from the HR Department and this week is a real stinker As we move into summer hygiene in the workplace can be a contentious issue This can result in all sorts of on the nose behaviour, from the subtle gift of deodorant in the Secret Santa To spraying air freshener all around the culprit And in an extreme case, a worker was held down under the shower by his coworkers after a lunchtime gym session None of these was appropriate actions to take In the workplace, poor hygiene must be dealt with tact and respect. The person may not even be aware that there’s an issue. Get it wrong and you could be faced with a bullying or harassment case. Let the HR Department help with those delicate conversations you’d rather not have. I’m Brad Adams from the HR Dept and that was Wacky Wednesday. Next week we’re going to take a look at termination by text. It’s a real thing, you know.