Very Aggressive Riffs

All Welcome! Yes Yes Yes finally I decided to talk to you more recently, my channel has gained 10K subscribers and I want to say “thank you” to all those who subscribe to my channel those who follow my content those who appreciate my content thank you very much! and in this video we have… this video will appeal to those like, hard, aggressive metal riffs I think this selection is ideal for training in the gym and it can charge you with a certain energy or in extreme cases may trigger you to negative actions Yes, certainly… no, it’s good music and in general, metalheads are the kindest people on earth! but not these… dirty-punks pseudo-metalheads those who call themselves rockers like me, good metalheads. enough, let’s go if you like the video… like it, subscribe to my channel share this video write some sort of review any comment now explain why comments with a set of likes very much help to promote the video recently on my channel… just a month ago, and 2 weeks ago on my channel came out 2 videos it’s top 15 beutiful clean riffs and top 15 very depressive riffs and scored 40K views how did this happen? at first, put a lot of likes… aaaaaaaand many people discussed, quite a lot and these 2 videos began to appear in the recommendations of those viewers… who don’t follow me so yes if you found this video interesting then write some sort of review and put like just 2 simple steps any comment you can write you can write “OK”, ” not OK” so all good luck to all until we meet again see you in the following videos, thank you all, bye!