URI Theatre presents: “Be Aggressive”

(music) “Be aggressive! Be be aggressive!” “Aggressive!” Cheerleader: What was that? Rachel Walshe: Be Aggressive by Annie Weisman The play is set in the pre-cellphone/internet era. In a privilege, gated, seaside community. Laura: You need to work? Leslie: Ugh, if I want department store cosmetics! Walshe: It’s about a girl Laura, who is 17, sort of on the bring of adulthood, and she’s in high school. Tragedy abends her life, her mother’s killed in a horrible car accident. (Hannah crying) Laura: No! She just closed her eyes and died. If I don’t go back to practice now, they’ll cut me! Phil: Your little sister and I will meet you here. Leslie: …to girls like us! It’s two week, a thousand bucks, we should go. Walshe: As many teenagers in crisis do, she runs away from home. Leslie: We’d have to nail our standings. And get the cash. We could do it! Laura: We’re going as soon as they go to sleep. Leslie: Ready? Laura: Okay. (Clap) Walshe: And she takes off on the road with a new best friend. They both share a love, a zeal for intense cheerleading. Leslie: We’re never going to convince these guys to care about cheer as much as we do. Walshe: She runs away from home because she wants to become a more fierce cheerleader. But of course, as is the cause with lots of odysseys, she thinks she’s running away from one thing and she finds she runs smack into it. Laura: I committed an actual crime with actual consequences. Leslie: You stole! Laura: You blackmailed! Leslie: Yeah, my mom! Laura: We’re only 17 years old. 17! We’re not supposed to have to take care of other people! Hannah: You know how when you look at a picture just one year later, you can tell what kind of haircut you really had? Well, I think that’s what she’s doing. But with space instead of time. Leslie: I knew you could be my best friend! Laura: I can? Leslie: Yes!