United Airlines investors outrage Losing Millions due too forcibly eject a customer

good evening folks this is tina Whelan here and that is a picture of the CEO of United Airlines Oscar Munna’s or whatever his last name is ok do you realize think the situation that happened on his flight with the senior citizen being drugged up down the aisle and being a brutally abused um I guess assaulted you would say because he was bleeding from the mouth I’m gonna let you guys read what this man Oscar the CEO said about the passenger that was assaulted on his flight now they think that it wasn’t going to affect their profits when this video went viral showing a officer smashing the senior citizen face down on an armrest and pulling him out of his seat and dragging him down the aisle that’s news that’s breaking news why shouldn’t we know how United Airlines is treating passengers on an overbooked flight now okay they’re losing millions and millions of dollars but it’s not going to hurt the company according to the CEO of United Airlines okay so he wrote a ladder to his employee and I’m going to find that okay here is what was said and rather than blowing over after a night’s rest of the outrage only cruise after Mona had sent an email to employees late Monday detent defined his staff action and calling the passenger disrupted and Britain belligerent soon enough the anger became global with some questions the practice of the overbooking of flights now did you see that on a video anywhere where this man was being disruptive and Berlin and they say they have the right to kick off anybody off their flight and blah blah blah blah blah well and Gary a boycott against United should be boom for other airlines at customer speak other options but that wasn’t the case Tuesday a shares of south western airlines delta and jetblue also dropped roughly because its people don’t want to be treated and and and that like they were on the United Airline flight that is disgusting what do you think if you know of a video out there if he was being belligerent or disrupted send me the link to it because I haven’t seen it it’s this a way of them turning it around making them look great and that passenger who was a senior citizen who was hospitalized because of his injuries he sustained comment below what you think do you think who cares they’re losing millions of dollars on their stocks who cares if their revenue goes down I don’t think they should get away with this I thought this was uncalled for very very disturbing to hot and it’s disgusting and shame on united airlines for picking or abusing a senior citizen right there should be enough for this CEO Oscar to be ashamed of himself and his employees and the cop that did that should be very ashamed of themselves and they should all be fired and replaced the crew on united airlines sorry folks but you let this happen you should be fired too there’s no excuse and it was inhumane what you did to that senior citizen doctor that you kicked off your airline what do you think comment below if you like my video give me a thumbs up