Ola YOutube My name is Ricardo Lino and im a wheel addict as some of you
might know already I’m currently in Cape Town South Africa and if you remember if
you’ve been following this channel for a bit you know that since one year I
started working with a company called micro state about one year ago – I
filmed the video in the exact same place where I am right now it’s a very
colorful neighborhood from Cape Town called the Boca and because I got some
skates that I need to test and I want to make something that looks cool I’m going to go down here I’m also using
these 360 camera I’m using the insta 360 1x camera and let’s see how I can show
you kept on with this camera so let’s start kind of like what I did with the
video last year helmet on whoo I’m sweating because this is the 2nd take
first time I didn’t film and now let’s reminisce about the good old days and
tracking my roots where I came from but like I say me always City it’s not about
the destination Sall about the journey ain’t nothing
change with the weather the dangling carrot and hanging from the river your
dreams in the past ain’t no where did you backseat drivers got nothing but to
sit shotgun rounds to buy and say y’all liars I should get an A for effort I’m
too tired but I’m never giving up this one kind of role model like it at night
I gotta play it sugar cook the rhyme sometimes but still saying said I was
sweating that forty is just the fear I’m still a kid that’s wiping the food up in
my bed you ever wanted something so bad that you could taste it crying over
every opportunity wasted good and bad news which one you won’t first either
way you picked the bad still gonna hurt you to worse I never got to bask in the
fruits of the labor and I never got the cash from that do for the lady I’m just
thinking wave wave is done in the wave way back you see in retrospect I
would’ve did it the same in hindsight I’m the only one to blame ain’t picky
I’m just real specific I won’t nothing less than terrific I
know yeah I get it I’m aggressive so I stylus clashing
killer instinct and I play with passion I’d rather be hated for being one other
realist and get a lot of these overrated it’s actually safer to go against
traffic because you can actually see the cars but also they can see you but I
know some of the people watching this don’t agree with me so sorry
this is offending you but this is how I feel like it’s the safest way for me to I can write the whole song here rap for
real I got my head in the cloud with a pun intended
I’ll need to see nobody on one no visit introverted I just flirt with the music
small circles how I choose it stay away from square theta one that look like an
L seven I’ve been doing this since I was 11 in the shitness breeze shout out to the women why she was
cooled it was acting Wow walking leaves drunk it was painful belligerence to
this man that shit got messy remind me of my first show I did at the Red Sea
ain’t had no AJ I’m just the tape that opened up the Sun a star child I love it
madness candy Larry he was with the Avengers show me how to make moves and
walk with the winners zooming to the pen and never seen him again but I did a cup
of shows with his friends lumberjack Brown clown so-and-so and do with the
oil pans ten years later now I’m rocking the old page but made your move though
you know French don’t get it twisted number one baby I also remember these so my microvidia
but not the other way around no more about microstates if you want to
see more videos of me skating Cape Town well subscribe to this channel give me a
thumbs up if you liked it thumbs on if you didn’t let me know what I didn’t
like about this video and like I always say well don’t forget why we all started
skating and that is because it’s fun Cheers