Undertale Red – No Hit Pacifist & Genocide

What’s up guys? Welcome to Undertale Red. PACIFIST Oh, someone’s here! Fine! You wish! Wow! Look at that! OK, then. Can’t touch this( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Uh, OK? OOOOOOOOHH BOOM Oh, am I now? You sure have an obsession of slicing, don’t ya? WELL JUST HAVE TO SEE ABOUT THAT HYAAAAAAAA Dis 1 is e.z. YES THATS EXACTLY THE POINT BOOM Liar! It’s no-hit run! If I die which will NOT HAPPEN! I JUST CANT FIGHT AND WHY AM I YELLING LMBO BOOM I just can’t!!! I JUST CANT OK?!?! I JUST CANT WHY WONT YOU ACCEPT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!! OH NO ? … Yeah. Yep. It’s fine;-) Goodbye! OK! Ok. GENOCIDE TAKE THAT!!! Dang… NEVER!!! No. Let’s go. POWER OF NEO!!!!!! I kinda have to agree… Exactly. Oh, I see. Ok. Interesting… Maybe( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) How many monsters? Exactly C O U N T L E S S Undertale can’t even pause, bruh. Oh wait, you’re a girl lol IDC. It’s fun. YOU’RE the one taking too many breaths! OOOOHHHHH I disagree! Like I said before, it’s no-hit run! Give up already! You’re not gonna win! Told ya. NOPE It’s over, Red. You’re done. Because it’s no-hit. FOR THE THIRD TIME!!! Still a no-hit.