Undertale Gameplay Pacifist #1 (No Sound)

Where am I? !!!!!! Is that a flower that has a face?! IT TALKS!!! Hi Maybye Yes I am Wait NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No ??? HA!! Stop Yes And No !!!! No Yes KNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! ??? Flowey: Huh OOF Thanks I’m Zilla Cool Wow Ok Wait for me I”m here New Home? OH MY GOODNESS THAT LOOKED HARD!!!!! Why No Ok?? Ummmm… Dummy:What did you just say? Am I? Toriel:Yes Solved it (Puzzle was walking) Huh Hello there uhhh You look nice today. Froggit:Sorry Ok Wait what!!! Stop come back! Wait!! Hmmm… There you are Ok (Nope) Hi Ok then Looks good Hi there kkYou have a nice smile. AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! Oh, ok Hi Toriel Cinnamon. I never have tasted it (I have not) Sure Bye. Hmmmmm… Nice eyes (Stop it) FLIES!!!!! Ow! MLG SKILLS!!!!!!! OOF S.. You look good. MORE FLIES!!!!! FLLLLLIIIIIIEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! No K More Wrong way Thanks YOU NEED TO STAY THERE Uhhh… MOVE!!! STAP!! Sorry…….. …… Of course I do Bye Ok Ow I joke with you Please Thanks Hi Goodbye Uh oh YAY!!! Goodnight. Can I go home. Sure How do I leave I don’t want to fight you Bye