Two People Wear the Same Tie to Work – 1999 Ep02

– ♫ Walky-walky-walky-walky-walky-walky.♫ ♫ Hello Rachel. How do you do? ♫ – I’m good. Bro-den. – ♫ Well that’s real good. i’m just walkin’ down the hall. I wish I was dead. ♫ – Mmm. What a delicious mugaccini. And great with a focaccia. (ding) (Hyperventilates) (Broden grunts) (amused ha-has) (ha has increase in volume and intensity) – Zach are you wearing the same tie as me? – YOU ARE JOKING! – You beauty! – Awwww
– You beauty! – YOU ARE JOKING!! – Hey Sue, Susan. What’s this? Look at that. – [Broden] See that one. See this one. – JESUS CHRIST! – [Broden] JESUS CHRIST! (intense screaming) – SAME TIE! – I’m gonna go and get a Kodak disposable camera (screaming) (nonsensicle yelling) – What are you two boys gawpin’ and gigglin’ about? Did another pigeon get into the boardroom? – Nah mate have a look! Is there anything TIEing us together? And yes that pun was intended. Well, uh, bloody havealook. – Oooo um, ooo Gee, I’m not sure Is that– Mmm ahh. You been ah– – Ok. A bit of “spot the difference”. All right. A bit of “spot the similarities”. Are we playing, alright. – [Broden] Hey, look at that. – Gee i’m not sure. Hmm. Oh Gee, I don’t know – Wait a minute. Are you two boys Wearin’ the Same tie? (distant phone ringing) (screaming) – SAME TIE! SAME TIE! (screaming) (nonsensical scream babbling) – EVERYONE! Something mildly interesting has happened in the (beep) workplace today. Two people have worn the same fucken (beep) tie to work and i’m gonna take a fucken (beep) photo. on this (extended beep) camera and i’m gonna get it developed at a fucken Kmart (beep). KMART! (all screaming and yelling) – The same Tie! (all screaming and yelling) – Not since that pigeon flew through the window in 95 has such a wonderful thing occurred in this here office. Yes! Come on! – You there! Dog Boy! What’s the meaning of this hullabaloo? – You wouldn’t believe it, Lord Wigglesnatch. Two men have worn the same tie to their place of employment! Mother of cunts! (all chanting) Same tie! Same tie! Same tie! Same tie! Same tie! Same tie! – Does anyone have a broom? Two pigeons just got into the board room. Hoooollly shiiiii–! (all scream and yell) (laughs) – And so it came to pass that the pigeon was let out of the window and order was restored to the office. Plus I think there’s a little Zach Along the way. Join us next time as we fing– – [man] TWO PIGEONS! – [Lord Wigglesnatch] FUCK! (Aunty Donna Theme) – Same haircut? – No not same hair. – I’ve got long hair and his is a lot shorter. – Same cock? – No not — Similar but different. – I’ve got a little cock. – Ok. Same butt? – No, not same — Have a look mate. – I got booty. – Same breast implants? – Have a look mate. Hey hey. – Wait a second. You two aren’t wearing the same tie, are ya? – Yeah. (screams)