Two-Faced Dog Reveals Her Aggressive Persona Right At ‘This’ Moment | Kritter Klub

There are two personas inside of me.. Jerkyll and ‘Heidi’ Owner : You might doubt her because she looks like an angel when she’s alone But she’s completely different from when she’s at home Mom, what are you talking about, shush! Take care, ladies Sike.. Get lost, hoomans.. The only doggo that changes Heidi.. is this dog, Bandi Shoot, cray bish is here again Owner/ I don’t know why she’s like this Upon seeing Bandi Her second persona shows up.. Owner/ Heidi didn’t like Bandi ever since she met her Bandi.. I don’t know, I just don’t like you at all Are you eating well? Dayum It’s okay, eat up Nah! I already lost appetite! Owner/ When I look away for a moment Heidi keeps an eye on her whenever she can, and attacks her What have I done to you, srsly SRSLY Owner/ Last December, I rescued Heidi Dunno what happened between her and her previous owner Also, she had a problem when she was under the temporary care Then she came to me.. What happened to Heidi in the past..? Time to reveal the truth! Temporary guardian : After staying in my place for 1-2 months She fought with Kkakkung too much that we couldn’t take care of her Kkakkung! Imma smash that.. Doggo! Wait Bandi looks a lot like Kkakkung.. Vet/ When dogs see the male owner who used to bully them And if they were big, The dog will particularly hate big men and start barking at them Since they remember that they were abused.. Kkangkung who used to bully Heidi.. Due to that memory, You remind me of Kkakkung who used to bully me.. Vet/ It’s a good idea to change the memory of their first encounter Cut the dog’s hair and change the odor So the dog would look and smell like a different dog Gotcha Who dis, nu me Changed from a Poodle dog to a Bedlington Terrier, which is Heidi’s breed Can you recognize me? The result is.. Who dis? Stahp doing me a confuse Don’t think this doggo is Bandi.. Approaches aggressively lol Bandi is scurred, but Heidi has no idea who this dog is Who dis Anyway, you are cute