Two-Faced Cat Turns Aggressive Every Night | Kritter Klub

I was sleeping as usual What if your cat Attacks you Every night..?! I wore a mask to bed like this so I don’t get bit by Dongshik But it only made things worse.. For the past 2 years of living together Dongshik has been attacking her?! I’m her roommate, Dongshik Owner : He’s usually calm, so it’s hard to imagine Shall we sleep separately? Nooo I wanna sleep with you!!! Owner : It’s not a bad place. Let’s give it a try Naw! We gotta sleep together!! On that night.. ATTACK The owner gets up and… !!!!! There was a muscle rupture from the eye-scratching that needed surgery For the past 6 months The owner had to spend restless nights.. What’s wrong with Dongsik? Cats sleep for 16 hours a day Mostly, they have dreams in their REM sleep And put those dreams into actions accordingly Then.. it’s all because of a dream..?! *Running in her sleep* *Catching a butterfly in her dream* Animals also have sleeping habits What was he dreaming about that he acted so roughly? Vet : If cats grew up in poor conditions They get nightmares as well Where she first met Dongsik First one to find Dongshik : In a recycling box, A mommy cat gave birth to a kitten there After moving here and there The weak ones were abandoned and the mother cat ran away As a result of being born weak Dongshik was abandoned by his own mother.. That hurt became a nightmare *Sleeping Dongsik* Still teases Dongshik every night Vet : What matters is that he is acting according to his dream Medication can control his sleeping habits For a good night’s sleep Puts a dose of medicine Owner : Dongshik~ Let’s have a snack~ You are eating so well~ To relax and relieve stress Aromatherapy..! Owner : Dongshik, don’t attack in your dream, and sleep well here Don’t bite mom~ Dongshik, bye. Good night! Lies besides the owner And sleeps well..! Dongshik, sweet dreams ONLY