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Some Major ‘ CEOs Go to Dominatrix to be whipped Her boyfriend beats her with a nailed plank while she is tied. I want to be dominated but after i want to do the same Hand slapping a** or with a belt (ANDY: YES! YES! YES!) When you are masturbating, you don’t have it anymore Even if.. Because there are those fucking machines. (Sybian saddle, is a masturbation device primarily designed for use by women) Big and black? Yes Yes, I understand. Very cool. Oh crap! What are you doing? Stefania Andy, nice to meet you . How old are you? Is that how we start? Okay, 34. Yes? Many more! No, no, I am very proud with it! Ha-ha-ha-ha! Hi dear friends, I’m Andy Popescu and today we are making a vlog with: You don’t know my name, Stefania! Stefania, yes I know your name. ha-ha-ha Who are you and how did we get to make a vlog? My cousin praised you and said, ” The boy is very cool, he talks a lot, he’s like you. You should meet him and talk. ” I didn’t know what to talk about with you and then I made that sugestion with you to… Right! Take me out with a car. So what do you want us to talk about? My vlogs are natural and people feel this and appreciate it. They are not scripted, they are straightforward. I mean, a few minutes ago, I met you for the first time in my life. Yes And for me it’s something new. Me too! Yes? Ha-ha-ha Yeah, but you have seen me on the vlogs. Yes Then, you should be ashamed that you didn’t see me! Yes, I didn’t! Tell us about what are you working as, do a little advertising! It’s hard. Hi-hi-hi, it’s really hard I don’t do anything. I only write. Do you write? Yes, lyrics, texts. What is your occupation? Each time I am asked the question: ‘What do I do?’ You’re restless. Ha-ha-ha I’m restless, yes. Why? Because, it sounds shady when I say what I do and it is clear that I cannot live just by writing, but I really live only by writing! Yes? Yes! Cool! And I’m not popular enough for people to think that I do live from writing. And they have the impression that … Like I do other things, yes. Especially since you are dressed very well. #Smooth I need to tell you something. So my pants are torn at the bottom I figured it out last night, but it was too late for me to change them. You’ve ripped them at the bottom. Thats why! HA HA HA HA Yes I’m serious. Last night at 12 o’clock we went to surprise a friend And we had to jump a fence, and by “jumping” I mean that I had to jump. And I jumped it and, when I returned, I couldn’t jump it back. They hate these pants on me and I think they intentionally clung me. What do you usually write about? Relationships? Basically, yes. Where do you write? I want to follow you! On www.lolrelai.eu So you have a site? Yes So you’re a blogger, not a vlogger! Blogger, right. Do you like cars? #ambemve I like them, but I don’t really know much about them. What cars do you like? Big and black? Do we still talk about cars? What cars do you like? Umm, yes! So big or small? Now for good, leave alone the joke. Small, small, small, as sporty as it can be. Yes…ha-ha-ha You came with a big one and .. Big and useless A lot of women love these cars, big, imposing SUVs, you know? For example, I like sporty cars, you know? I mean it. Same for me! Look, you can’t do this in Ford. See how cumbersome it is? Yes It not very enjoyable with them. Also, I don’t like the idea of ​​an automatic car, although I know it’s absolutely normal in 2019. Really? Do you like manual? Yes, I like to feel the car by myself. Stefania, you’re writing about relationships Wait, I have to explain that this blog, www.lolrelai.eu, is made after I closed lolrelai.ro which was one of the most read blogs in our country. Really?! Yes, I was fooled with it, I had some partners. And now I only have 5 articles or 6 articles on this new one. Ah, I got it. I didn’t upload all my texts. What about AdSense? Yes, without putting clickbating! Do you know what I’ve always wondered? You can .. for example on YouTube you see how many people are watching my vlogs. I see, how couldn’t I? Do you have statistics like on analytics? Yes, Google Analytics. Very mixed .. so.. whoa! (Bucharest..) So..so we we shouldn’t crash with that because it’s all big and black. I mean .. Ha-ha! And what do you write about? You know, in real life I am very cheerful and I am more like the clown of the groups I am in And because there must be a balance I have to shed all the other negative and sad things somewhere, and I make people cry with what I write. And people are reading. Like they watch the news from 5 o’clock where they see crime, they also love to read dramas. But do you know why? Because it most influences people’s emotions. If you manage to convey emotion through what you write, then people will read. Because this is most important aspect for people, to feel the emotion. Well, that’s what I do. Look, I wrote a song! Yes? I mean I also write lyrics. Pepe – Imi pasa! Really?! Yes It’s very sad, if you will hear it, you’ll realize. Which was your longest relationship? 5 years and a half. What are you doing, Stefan? Well, we’re packing some shirts. “SOC IN MOTOR” T-shirts? Are there T-shirts with SOC IN MOTOR? But why do we sell tTshirts with SOC IN MOTOR? What do you mean Andy? We also sell: shirt, a cap, a vest. Don’t we have to pay as well: cameramen, publishers, GoPro’s as we have about 7, the JH-5 which was 3000 euros, drones, gas. All these things cost money. NOT! I WANT TO PLATEASCA ANDY POPESCU EVERYTHING! FROM HIS POCKET! IF I WAS BORN, I MUST HAVE CONTENT FOR FREE! www.andypopescu.ro Did you know that people without children are happier than people with children? I didn’t know because I didn’t have terms. Look, I’m going to put a link to a Ted Talk. But people with children will never believe this thing. Because … it’s the most beautiful thing about having children … so they say. They don’t understand this, but we there are studies that really show this. I have no comparison … I mean, I’m happy and I don’t have any. Don’t you have children? No. Well look, you’re really happy and you don’t have. Yeah, but I don’t know if I wouldn’t be, if I had. Do you have a relationship now? No. Because, as I said, I started by writing what I wanted to do. In theory, we are all good. So I was very good. I even have a few readers who have succeeded, following in the footsteps. Really? Yes. So you gave them good advice. I also have a friend whom I married in this way. But, the shoe maker has no shoes. You write about relationships and you don’t have one. Let me ask you something … you had to choose a car that would look more like a relationship … and you chose the X5 … Yes, but this was not clear to me. I cannot draw a parallel in my mind between a relationship and a car. I mean, I don’t know what this car would look like, what kind of relationship it would look like. It does not come to me, it does not come to me. If it doesn’t come naturally to me. You could say this would be a harmful relationship. Why? I don’t know, because it doesn’t offer security … But it’s not the case. Well, it offers security. Depending on what car you chose, we also established the type of relationship. If it were for me, I would have taken you with a convertible. But I can’t draw a parallel between a convertible and a relationship. I do not feel like. Why? Is it because it offers freedom? Is this what you want? A relationship in which you feel a lot of freedom? Yeah, that’s what I want. I wish I will have children, But I also want to be free, you know … to do what I want. Okay, not dating other women. But to be free, to make vlogs. Do you think it’s wrong to date other women when you have a relationship? Be careful … I’m very happy, but very happy, because I don’t feel the need to. The first 35 years of my life were a torment, to always want another women Because if you feel that need and you don’t meet it, you’re unhappy. If you don’t feel … you’re happy, you don’t feel the need anymore … Do you understand what I mean? How long have you been in a relationship without feeling the need? I think about 5 years. And you never felt the need, in 5 years. Right. Be careful how a man works. He sees another woman … and his need, his instinct for reproduction, wants to have sex with that woman. But in fact, only his cells want to reproduce. If you are aware of the need, you do not feel it. You say, “Wait, me, I don’t want to have sex with …”. I want to make her some kids fast Yes! Your cells want to reproduce with that woman. I mean, you just want orgasm, you don’t want to reproduce with it. Your cells want to reproduce. You just want to feel the orgasm. Correct me if I’m wrong. You’re not wrong. Why in the first 3 months, 6 months, those in love, you no longer feel the need to reproduce with others? Nature, made by evolution, to stay at the beginning the first 3-6 months. To be sure, then, there will be fertilization of the egg. Do you think people are monogamous or not? Not. I think that people, by nature, are not monogamous. That’s why there are so many divorces today. Because we, by nature, want to reproduce with everything. Women are made to choose the better one. Alpha Male. They have been paired by the greatest men, over time. And then, that’s why a rockstar … everybody loves him. That’s why one who has a Ferrari … Most women, if not an insufferable one, would have sex with him. Because it is a symbol of power. Yes, because he got that Ferrari. I have no claim that “Sure it’s me.” I just say what I think. And I accept that I can go wrong. Look, a thing I read recently, and I don’t know how if the people know. Did you know that you can’t be attracted to a woman if it is not her, in the first place, attracted to you? If you don’t have any mental illness. I don’t believe that. You should. Yeah, but I don’t believe that. I’m not saying 100% that I’m right She may not be aware that she is attracted to you. I don’t believe that. I mean, I can think of a bunch of kids with glasses, nerds, who like a super cool girl Do you think that she would look at them? Not. Because those have nothing to do with Alpha Male. Yeah, but that kid, they’re not emotionally balanced. I speak in the context of emotionally and psychically balanced. What men do you like? If I knew … I’d probably have one. The pricks … statistically speaking. But I want to think that I’m mistaking… This is how I feel … that women, they are the happiest when they find a man to dominate them. To respect them … to dominate them. Be a strong man. That’s what women want. I don’t know, I see it that way. Yes. I don’t think any girl wants a men to grow him Although, we have all grown up in our lives. I am convinced… But… You do have what to talk about relationships … Yes. But I, in the end, we all tend towards a family, some children, aside … because this is our genetics … we are the sum of the experiences of our ancestors. Which are embedded in our DNA, in our cells, in our neurons. I see it, I don’t know … And then, why are you alone? I? I am not alone. I am super happy … I mean … there are few things, I know it sounds arrogant, some can interpret this thing arrogantly and I apologize. But there are few things I want. That’s how I feel. Yes, I don’t know how good it is to not want many things. Yes, that’s fine. That desires motivate us and keep us alive. I heard about it, but I’m happier now, because I don’t have that much desire. I want to get an electric car, these are my wishes … I mean NOTHING, you know? Do you think people are happy? It seems to me that happiness is a choice. I mean, you have to want to be happy. Not to say “ready, I want to win the lottery tomorrow and have a million euros. I want to have it ready. I’m starting to be happy.” Not really . People tend to think so. When I will get that, I’ll be happy. When I do that, I’ll be happy. You know this is Eckhart Tolle’s book. I’m a fan of Eckhart Tolle Yes. The power of the present. And he also released “A New World” The other one is also great. The second one. A very good read if you want to go deeper. I read a lot in this area of ​​spirituality and personal development. Who’s waving at us, who’s this girl, do you know her? Does she wave at me? I don’t think, I don’t know her … ANDY? Yes. See … she was saying hi to you… The question was “Who does she like, me or you?” It couldn’t be possible for her to know me… I mean, i hope s.he doesn’t look at what I’m posting … What would be the best advice you think you could give to a woman in order to establish a healthy relationship. Yes, I have thought about this many times. Did you know that I will ask you this.llllllllllll,? No, but I generally thought about this question. For example, I know what is good for a man and I can tell it. You have to be as strong as possible. To emanate, and to show the personality of an alpha male. And men, will they, in turn, alpha women? Not. Only weak men want alpha women. That’s why I was just part of it. Well, because you’re an alpha. And they are attracted to you. MOM, this is a strong woman, MOM I’m very serious. I’m really passionate about psychology. That’s why I’m studying these things. Yeah, in my word, that’s why I study these things. “Have you liked Andy’s vlog? No, I didn’t? What did we talk about?” Look, this one is crazy, he talks alone … He doesn’t talk alone … I want to think he talks to him … If he’s crazy, I’m the same. Whenever I see a mirror, I have a dialogue. And sometimes it’s really cool. I mean, I’m sorry that I have to leave the bathroom … Really? I never spoke alone, with me … I DON’T BELIEVE… Not even that with the mirror, to say “I love you”? Never. In my word, it’s very interesting that you say this. No fun … Hi, Andy! Hello! BUT NOT SO AGGRESSIVE! WHAT DO YOU HAVE WITH YOU? But how? No, I don’t know … Look there at the camera. Well but I don’t see myself … Look here … well, I’m looking here. And I’m starting. God my eyes … so I go crazy when I see them. And I want to see them happy, you know? And I’m glad for that mirror image. They’ll tell everyone I’m crazy … like it matters. Hate … she’s a narcissist … she loves herself … Yes. And I like my breasts too. I boast everything I like about myself. Your goddess body. But it’s good, because, like that, I told you … you will always attract weak men, who are attracted to strong women. It’s a prognosis. But really, I’m not saying that. But why do you think I’m strong? Well, you see, you are a writer, you train alone, you make money alone. Yes, but I do little. I’m poor. You don’t need a lot of money to be happy. I told you. Happiness is a choice. But I had a time when I had no confidence in myself. But you do noe, because that trust comes with the time, you know? After each relationship I broke up in two, because I was Queen of Drama. I am still. Drama Queen. I like Queen of Drama more. I had evenings saying that I will never be able to get over it, ever. This is where my life ends … You have, of course, a period of depression, which is normal after a relationship, I guess. I do not know… It’s the period of depression, after which you come back. There are about 5 stages. Yes. You see, like you about relationships, you have to know. Right after. The first would be denial. It’s the first stage. Yes. After that, it’s the angriness. In which you see that he worths nothing, how could something like this have happened to you … Victimization, if I’m not mistaken, comes here. 3. would be acceptance. 4. it would be depression. You have the impression that it has passed, you have good times and bad times … and when you have the bad ones, you think that everything is over And, in fact, also negotiating phase comes here As a rule, you return to the ex. And try again. And you fall again. And then the resignation comes. What psychologists say: Today, on the site psychology.ro Criticism … when someone criticizes you, when they hate you. Yes, as a rule, you project in the other one what you cannot reproach to yourself … The person who developed in an environment in which she was permanently criticized, you know, if you were permanently criticized in childhood. That’s why you hate everyone. It will always tend to address criticisms and observations similar to the ones she was addressed I mean, if you hate … it means you live with hate. Yes. Kevin Spacey, you know, when he was abused as a kid, he got to abuse other kids. Of course we can talk about the Joker, that is still the case … Yes. He was (extremely abused) Did you like the movie? Yeah, I didn’t like it. I was crazy about it. Not me… I mean I tolerated it, it was ok. I did not wish for it to finish But there was nothing like “God, I LOVE EACH SECOND OF it!” No. People are different. It’s ok to think differently. I can’t look at scenes with fists, for example. I can’t see the violence. I close my eyes, like a child. At the Joker, I looked when he put thescissors around his neck. And I looked without closing my eyes. It seemed right to me, what was going on there. Somewhere … eh. And that seems to me like what wedo in our daily lives, except that we do not take the scissors. We have words by which we hurt others because we were hurt. I don’t want to hurt anyone. On my word. I wouldn’t hurt. Without someone doing me something, I wouldn’t do that. Don’t talk without someone doing you something. Like Joker, people did make fun of him. We hurt other people because we were hurt. We mislead other people because we were deceived. We criticize, because just as I read, we were criticized. There are some people who immediately criticize, at the slightest thing, they are waiting To throw with hate. He is just waiting. Yeah, but you know what that little boy lived when he was a kid, kid? Well that’s what I say, that’s what psychologists say, you know? Don’t you have Instagram? So people will follow you I gained many followers when I showed my breasts for a humanitarian cause. Really? Very good. Give us your Instagram to give you a follow. The campaign is still running, you know. For the children from Fundeni. Yes? Buy a T-shirt. 80 RON(16 euros). Tell us Instagram. @LOLRELAI. Look, about hate. I don’t wear a bra. I never wore it. 99% of cases, I don’t. Maybe if I get a body-shirt that also includes bra. On Facebook, that’s where I have more followers. Although they follow me and they like me in every picture … I AM ALSO CRITICIZED IN EACH PICTURE BECAUSE I WANT TO SHOW MY BOOTHS, YOU KNOW? THAT WHAT SHE DOES, SHE SHOWS HER BREASTS As a matter of fact, it’s not … One recently wrote to me that … you know that by just pulling this image in front, you only attract men without too much brain … And I say, “Do you realize that you are commenting on me, that I have drawn your attention? Instead, what surprised me was that at the time of the campaign, this seemed to me WOW and I find it commendable, regarding our population. Basically, I offered to send a picture without a shirt to who sended me a picture with a shirt. Correct. Very cool. You buy a shirt and I send you a picture without a shirt. Very cool. Especially since it helps. I’m topless at sea, people look at me for free, I’m not ashamed, I look good. Cool! Why not? Even other people wrote to me that they wanted to take the example. Maybe those who want to do this also want to do this. It alos helps a noble cause. Of those 5% women, if you get even 1-2-3, so help the children from Fundeni. And now the hate: “THE F**K … ENCOURAGE PORNOGRAPHY IN ROMANIA!” There were also people who criticized you. Only, there were many who did not . There were many who praised. There were many who donated, without wanting to see the picture. More than half did not ask for the picture. Cool. You have to look at what went well. Positive. Basically, I didn’t have the money I would have wanted to donate. You donated it. Yes. I mean … okay, do I have anything else I can make this money with? Yes, I understood. And it was very well received by people. Of women. A 60-year-old woman wrote to me, Which told me that if she would still look good, shewould do this and it seemed wow … Cool! You see, you encouraged other people to do this. Now, no, if you’re shy, I don’t ask you to do that. EXACT! But if at sea you don’t have a problem with showing yourself like this … or at the pool, I go to Daimon very often. There is always full. And nobody has a bra. They don’t wear it. Seriously? Take me there too. I advertised it … Very good! I mean, something good comes out of this. The money collected on T-shirts is donated further. Very nice! So I really like this thing. We have to find a way to get myself involved in that. Well, buy some shirts. Yes? Yes. And I get different pictures … For each shirt, another picture. No … it was a single picture … and the campaign is no longer valid. I mean, I don’t send anything in return. I did it, it was 24 hours, I am very pleased with what I managed to offer. 46 minutes and I was not bored. How long have we been talking about this? You can’t believe it, do you? Look… No … I can’t believe I haven’t smoked a cigarette in 46 minutes. Aaa, you are addicted to nicotine … Look, this girl smokes. I do want to smoke so bad Yes. Haven’t you tried to give up smoking? You mean you like that? I’ve never tried. And don’t you want to try? No. It’s my only vice. I don’t drink alcohol at all. You feel motivated, that’s how nicotine works. That’s how nicotine works, you know how? It puts nicotine somewhere very high on the existential plane. Above that food, thirst, even sex, sometimes. You want to smoke cigarettes more than sex. So that works, you have to read. Not sometimes … I always find the cigarettes cooler than sex. “I am assumed, I like it, it is my only vice” … this makes nicotine. It changes you as a person, for good. It’s not you. You’re a group of cells, of neurons. Which can be changed … Wait, I am also soul, and spirit, Is would be so good to have a soul….. How good it would be. There is no evidence at this time. It would be super good. What about those 23 grams that disappear when we die? Do a Google search, do a research, you know how to do this, you know how to distinguish information from stupid. I am convinced that we have a soul. Really? How can you believe in something on which there is no evidence? Really… Wait a little … 23 grams … It was made a movie, that with Benicio del Toro … but it is not, that is not … if you do a research, scientifically, there is nothing. Where do you think that desires come from? From our DNA, which is the sum of evolution. Now, some may also deny evolution. Do you think man is made up of mind and body? We are our neurons. That’s all. Nothing else. I don’t think we can be anything other than our neurons. I think we are 100% energy. Yes, but this has not been proven.It turned out, that if you cut off part of one’s brain, they can’t coordinate well anymore. So it is clear that we do not think with our heart. Think of the brain. But I don’t agree with that either. Yeah, we’re thinking with the brain. And we feel, what do we feel? Still with the brain? Well, if I touch you here, you don’t feel here. Feel in the brain. Because the information is transmitted through the nerves and goes to the brain Emotions, how do we feel them? With the brain. The amygdala. The hippocampus. These are the parts of the brain that deal with emotions. By the word. What I say, there is no interpretable “it is or not”. All the scientists say so Normally, I would have argued with you and would have begun to explain to you how I know there is a soul. But, because I’m in that phase of development, I accept that nothing I know is necessarily true. It’s very healthy. And I always do this thing. I will not argue with you. Although I have another opinion, I will not argue with you. Only fools are sure of them. You don’t have to be sure about an idea, because that’s just how you grow. Accept another idea, accept that you can make a mistake. And be opened to communication. Not by saying “LEAVE ME ALONE, I KNOW EVERYTHING” And I accept what you say, with your soul. But I gave you a fact There are no scientists who believe in having a soul. I mean, I can only believe that they have been raised like that. But there is nothing concrete. We’re talking about something paranormal here. Paranormal … things that maybe are that way. There may be a soul. There may be heaven and hell. To know, I honestly tell you, maybe I’m wrong. I don’t think I’m wrong, but it’s possible that I’m wrong. Maybe we have a soul. How good would it be. I mean, look at what might be the worst thing. I would not be right … And then, it’s the worst thing and … guess what … it’s even better when you’re not right. I mean, I’m ready. In life, in order not to be disappointed, you have to expect the worst and hope for the best. Get ready for the worst, but hope for the best. These are some things that will help you, easily and easily, you outline a mindset of being happy. Even if you don’t have everything … everything you want … talking about material things. The happiest moment, I have ever lived was when I had nothing more … and I didn’t expect it. See … if I have a private plane or a yacht … only then will I be happy … No. Do you know how? I know that if I had it, I would be happyfor a short time and after that I would be saturated. My yacht … You will want a bigger, more beautiful one. Exactly, because this is human nature. You want a car … you have it … you’re happy for a while … then you want one even stronger … So are people, because this is called a hedonicalq treadmill. I mean, the adaptation Did these ones steal our cameras? I hope not … No, they are tied. This is called the hedonic treadmill. I mean adaptation to good. But this also works in the negative sense, you know. I mean, if you get it worse, you get used to it and that becomes the level … with the fool. As long as you are aware of this, and the fact that you have understood it, it makes you feel happier and more fulfilled. I mean, the world thinks I’m lying when I say I don’t want a private jet, a private plane. I look at him and think … You can be happier with some friends on the train. thanin a private plane but with some fake friends, let’s say. Or alone. Or alone, you do nothing. Yeah … I didn’t come with the right car. Isn’t this a sport? I do not know.. This is more like a sports utility vehicle. These are called SUVs I like those lower ones, I like to feel the asphalt beneath me, to … me too, by the word. And why did you come up with this? I thought you would like thismore. I didn’t know anything about you … Well, if you didn’t know anything about me, how could you think I liked it the most? I think most women prefer big, imposing cars. They do. I don’t like it, but … I thought so. Yeah, look, I’m more … I like to feel. In this I do not feel much, as a sensation. One question you, one question I. What super power would you like to have? Do you know what heavn looks like to me? Some invents virtual reality and connect it directly to neurons so nobody can make the distinction between reality and virtual reality. We’ll get to this stage sometime. And then, you can, in 5 minutes, live a human life. I would choose to live in 10,000 lives,
of 10,000 people. I understand. That would be super power. That’s what I’d love to do … this would be heaven to me. More than a super power … I mean, that seems banal, to have a super power. Live a life in 5 minutes and do this for 50 years. Accumulate hundreds of thousands of lives. Same question for you. I don’t know, I think I would like to make people feel good every time I meet them. Yes, but you could do that in the virtual reality, which I was just saying, set the program so that you do exactly that. Instant happiness. At the push of a button. I want it to be a real thing, from soul to soul, if we don’t have it yet. You would not differentiate between real and virtual. I would not want to put some glasses on my eyes and now if I start to imagine some things, I feel good, if I imagine pleasant things. Automatically, you have positive hormones. The body does not differentiate between imagination and reality and then I feel good. But I would not want to make the people I meet feel good, by asking them to imagine something, but giving them a good state of mind. You make people more sad in your blog. Yes, but sadness also helps emotional discharge. And if we are not emotionally discharged, we have no way to charge. See the positive connotation. You know Andra Fara Zahar, did you hear about her? Yes I know her. Do you know how I discovered it? With “o sug(i suck it”)” “I enjoy so much to suck it” So it’s … it was assumed in writing, so to speak. Yes, but do you see, the woman showed ” I like to be submissive’ That’s how I interpreted it. I mean, ‘I like being dominated.’ That’s how I interpreted, I repeat, maybe I’m wrong But that’s how I interpreted it. Look, that onesmokes. Good, hit me! I don’t know … that’s how I see it. To look into his eyes, and with passion … and with … that’s how I saw it. She wanted to shock, it was a good text, kindled, made her known to the world. I met her that way. Now, you should have a discussion, to see if it is assumed or not. It may not be. Yes, I like to be dominated. I say it publicly. I can say it in writing too, but .. Yes, because … what interests you, interests your pleasure. Obvious. You can have pleasure even if you dominate, or if you are dominated. As a rule, women who are strong in real life or have leadership roles or usually dominate men, in bed.. It’s exactly that balance we were talking about. … feel the need to be submissive. And vice versa. That’s why the big CEOs of companies want to be beaten by the whip. Exactly, I heard about it. But, I don’t like the pain. I would not bear that. But that’s me. There are others who I amsure they like pain. I … I don’t like pain, you know … I have afriend that loves pain, but on another level. And he told me, and this is also real, that her boyfriend beats her with a nailed plank, while she is tied … Are you serious? And sheliked it … And she liked it. She had blood marks … she is cut with the knife on her back … I believe you perfectly, but I don’t thinks he could do this thing if she wasn’t in his childhood, beaten. Yes, of course it was. She was traumatized in childhood. It’s clear that that’s why she liked it so much, that she had such a childhood. I gave heras a counter-example, that not only strong women, in general, want to be put to bed. Because she’s not a strong woman in general. She’s a scent, just to please you, just to … she doesn’t have the courage to be her, ever. she does not assume any desire, something. Everything it’s for the others. But on another level. like 50 Shades of Gray. No, that sounds healthy to me. It’s OK that one! I’m talking about nails, planks … being cut with the knife, these are some serious ones … Those are the worst. It seems to me that it goes beyond normalcy, although I do not establish what is normal. Look, and about this, being dominated … I want to be dominated, but then I seek the reward, to see that I was subjected properly. Let me see the satisfaction in the eyes of the partner. And not by anyone! You cannot dominated by any sucker. And these with the a** palms… a belt, these … You have to get into that mood. Submissive. Here I think it is only the duty of the man to know how to do it. I, until I was 30, had no orgasm. I thought it was a thing my friends invent to make me jealous. And the first time I thought I had an orgasm, I called my friends, I was 26 years old. At 2:30 at night … And I called … “Girl, I had orgasm!” How cool is this…. Come on, girl, you wake me up at this time.. Why? Well, I shudder … I don’t see well anymore … I don’t know what I described to her there … to which she says: “If you wake me up once again that you had a calcium breakdown …” So, yes, my first orgasm, the attempt to orgasm … former calcium loss. And I don’t feel ashamed that until I was 31, I didn’t know what that was. And I thought it was about pleasing the other … You, until now, know what your most beautiful orgasm is. I mean .. you imagine it, right? If you, by tomorrow, can get yourself a masturbation, that induces a greater orgasm the than the one you have had with any man in the world, would you do that? Would you like the masturbation to be so cool? Better than anything you have ever had? Even if it could be… I still think that the sex is better Because it’s more than having an orgasm It’s that emotional roller-coaster, that love, that conexion. There are a lot of thing that you don’t feel when you masturbate Even if there are those machines which clearly beat every other man Yes, they do, but the pleasures comes from emotion, not from something mechanical That’s what I’m saying When you asked me about masturbating. If I would like it or not… It was nice meeting you, we made a great vlog. 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