Trump’s most awkward moments of 2018

-Come on inside, folks.
-Did he say “come inside”? -Hold on, not yet. Let’s–
-Oh. -What a nice picture that is.
Look at that. I’d love to watch
that guy speak. Oh, boy. That’s… I’ll get that little piece
of dandruff off. -And important for all peoples. Thank you.
-Thanks you. Thank you. -I like him a lot. Getting a good picture,
everybody, so we look nice
and handsome and thin? -Beautiful.
-Perfect. -Nice and young. -This is a tough hurricane. One of the wettest
we’ve ever seen from the standpoint of water. At least you got a nice boat
out of it. China has total respect
for Donald Trump and for Donald Trump’s
very, very large brain. And then we fell in love. Okay?
No, really. He wrote me beautiful letters. -I love this guy right here. Let me give this guy
a hug right here. I love this guy right here. -That’s really nice. Come here. That’s — that’s really nice. Thank you.
Thank you. Trying to sneak out. And they spend a lot of time
on raking and cleaning and doing things. And they don’t have
any problems. I think I understood you better
in your language then I did on this. But that’s okay. -It is tails.