Trump YANKS Putin’s Arm – AGGRESSIVE Handshake At G20 | Social Coach Explains

This one surprised me. I’m going to show you a
video taken yesterday at the
[inaudible] summit of Trump and Putin shaking hands and then I’m
going to tell you what it means now. It’s no secret. Trump has
an aggressive handshake. We’ve seen it literally hundreds of times, but with PresidentZ and Vladimir
Putin and Kim Jong Boone, those three specifically, he’s typically more restrained and uses
the more neutral handshake because when you pull and Yank like he usually does, you run the risk of offending the
other person. If it works, it’s great. You show dominance, you
show authority over them, but you always run the risk of
potentially souring the relationship. If the person that you yank can take that
aggressive stance with feels like they have a higher status over you,
so let’s see what happens, then we’ll break it down, pulls him right in. It takes a lot more force than you think
to pull a human body off course like that. There’s no tentative this there. This time and in the last time
is one of the guys that he was, I wouldn’t say walking on eggshells, but very mindful to not take any risk
like that. What does that tell us? It tells us that this point Trump is
more competent in his relationship with Putin than he was before. He’s more willing to take a little risk
to show a little more dominance because it feels like this. He feels like he either has higher status
or equal status to make a move like that. You don’t necessarily need to
feel like you have higher status, but you need to feel like you
at least have equal status. How’s your social status? If
you met 10 new people right now, how many of them would feel like they
have higher status in you and maybe talk down to you or put you down or
not give you attention to respect? If you want me to show you a quick five
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through that handshake battle. Now.