Trump & Mexicans (Bugstards presents)

What’s up Bofly? I heard, it was going to rain. Let’s go. Yeah, let’s go. Wait señor. Yeah, yeah, much better here at home. Yeah, yeah, better. Watching Tv. Great! Yeah, yeah. Watching Tv. What are you doing here? Get out of here. That will teach you! Trump doesn’t like Mexicans. Yeah, yeah…….. Hey Drago. What are Mexicans? Mexicans are like Trump. Just smaller, darker
and have a different hairstyle. Aha! But he’s wrong Bofly. Can’t treat people like that. Ohh… Really? Of course Bofly. Don’t be ignorant. Give me another beer. Beer? Wait…. Beer Gonzalez. Gonzalez. Si señor. Ai, ai, señor. Here you are! Ai, señor, Is it possible to have tomorrow off? Yeah, Drago. I mean, shouldn’t we give him a day off? Stop it Bofly. Fuck this little dark wetback. You give them a finger and soon they are coming to ask for social security and papers. That’s wrong Donald. Can’t treat people like that! Hey Bofly. Have you subscribed to the
channel? Of course! Of course, I subscribed to the channel. Hey Gonzalez? Have you subscribed to the channel? Can I señor? Of course you can! Señor? What?? Can I also cross the wall? Don’t you dare! Hey you, look me in the eye. Subscribe to the channel! Yeah, yeah. Subscribe!