Trials of Heroes – Горящий Поход: как пройти до конца? (Burning Crusade)

Hello everyone!
My name is Andrew In this video I would like to show you how I pass Burning Cusade all 15 locations. Here I would like to tell you all secrets that I use 1. my army
2. my grimoire 3. some kind on secret that I use everytime to pass all locations I hope that will help you a lot to pass Burning Crusade every time up to 15 First of all let me tell some words about this event here you can see 15 locations, if you pass all of them – you get maximum points which you can spend in the market, that is situated on the left upper corner here you can buy: runic coins, magic crystals for you grimoire. Also shards and complete 5* heroes Okey, super.
Now let’s talk about mechanics – how it generally works All opponents that you will find in 15 locations will be a real players and all game mechanics will work like you fight on arena – all hero skills here work properly I mean that in Dark Tower or boss fights some skills of your heroes in army are nerfed in skills it is written that your hero stuns 40% but it is reduced up to 10% or not work at all on bosses. So, one more time in Burning Crusade all skills work as they should work. That what you have to know. Second point that i would like to speak to: Hit Points There is a magical thing – they can be restored when you start a new location because of power of your HP grimoire runes so the better HP runes equiped on your Grimoire (4*-5*) the better heal recovery you will get every time you start new location. Other thing how you can heal during locations is a healer-type heroes in your army. Other main point that you have to know about Burning Crusade mechanics – how the skills of you heroes work here? Every hero have a “yellow skill strip” 🙂
When it is full – your heroes uses their 1st ultimate skill. How it works in Burning Crusade? For example, if it will be full or empty at the end of 1 location – it doesn’t metter on the 2 location every hero will have 50% “yellow skill strip”, and so on. That mechanics works also the same for your Grimoire.
But the difference is that he starts every location with 0 energy. One more thing that I also noticed in Burning Crusade We know, there are some heroes in the game, which have such skills, that can be used only once per battle
(skeleton queen, mountain giant, archbishop and e.t.c.) So, such heroes can release their skills once in EVERY location (if all conditions are met) For example:
If your skeleton queen used her 4 skill “stun” in 1st location because she was lower then 80% HP she can use this skill one more time in 2 location or 3,4,5 locations and e.c.t. The only thing that should be done – she must be more then 80% HP first, and then get damage and become low then 80% – I hope it is clear 🙂 So, I think, that’s all about Burning Crusade mechanics that I have noticed during 3 month of playing this game Guys, sorry for such a lot of talk from my side – but I would like to make a detailed and understandable tutorial for all people 🙂 Let’s speak about my advices how to pass all 15 locations. #1 ADVICE
There should be healer-type and controller-type heroes in your army. As much as possible 🙂 Let’s see an examples Here we can see HEALERS
(just some of them – there is much more them in the game) And here we can see CONTROLLERS
They: freeze, stun, silence, purify and e.t.c. your enemies. So, why do we need such a heroes in Burning Crusade? We need Healers to restore our Hit Points (HP) during fights in locations 2-3 Healers in our army will be perfect, but one strong healer should be also enough. For what we need Controllers here? We need them to control enemy’s army: stun, freeze it – not to give his heroes use their ultimates So, your Controllers do all “dirty” job – not giving your opponent to cast something – like on arena battles 🙂 At this time Healers in your army heals you very well At this case you pass easy all 15 locations. #2 ADVICE
That I would like to give to all players, who would like to pass all 15 locations – your GRIMOIRE More detailed info about Grimoires you can find in my special video Here I just want to tell some main things about Grimoire and his mechanics in Burning Crusade As you all know – your Grimoire’s level, his power is not calculated in your overal power The same thing is with runes that equiped on it – there can be all 5* runes But their power also not calculated. And as far as we know that Burning Crusade is a location where our enemy’s power is calculated depending 100% on our own power… … so the stronger you are, the harder will be Crusade… … but computer don’t see your Grimoire power there, he is NOT calculating it!! So… if your Grimoire have a very good level and you equiped it with top runes – Burning Crusade will be the easiest thing for you ^_^ I HOPE after my advices… … game creaters won’t nerf all this things :)) ADVICE #1 + #2
Our army must be with Healers, Controllers and we should have a good level of our Grimoire with top runes equiped. … and…
#3 ADVICE That I found out when it was a little bit hard on 13-15 locations and i decided to risk 😀 I think it is really “imba” thing, TOP! I don’t think if you know about it or not – just tell you how it works (hope game creators will not fix it 😀
Or… there will be my last help video )) So…
You need to unequip all your heroes!
(аnd your enemy will die because of laugh – it’s a joke ^_^) You open Burning Crusade event, there is 1st location.
Unequip all items and artifacts from heroes and begin your attacks On the 2nd location you will see how enemy’s army is weak 🙂 Futher you will see the same situation.
Killing such an opponent is a very pleasant thing to see… … especially if you didn’t pass Burning Crusade till this guide up to 15 location 😀 On my video I will show how it works: my equiped army power was 350k at that moment, but unequiped version was around 180k But 7-9* unequiped heroes in your army will be anyway terribly stronger and moreover attacks faster then opponent do because of their better speed Let’s see the video
And I will tell you and show you how it works 🙂 We open our Burning Crusade event Check who is our 1st opponent
As always a weak player at the beginning P.S. this video was made 1.5 month ago – I’m 800k power now, I use the same stratagy – very easy 15 locations. We open our heroes and do all that we have discussed:
unequip all heroes that will be fighting in Crusade You can do it or not – sometimes I equip a little bit back very weak heroes and Healers to peform better heal. Especially it can help when you have a bad HP runes on your Grimoire.
On 800k power (nowadays) all my army is unequiped. If you will equip a Healer or someone who have how HP a little bit – this won’t riches you army power so much, so everything will be super – you can do it. Right now I manage my army in such a case to place maximum Healers and Controllers in it and also to reduce my total army power P.S. On my 800k power (nowadays) I use:
Healer: Frost Gorilla 9*
Controllers: Ancient Spirit 9*, Frost Gorilla 9* So let’s go back to the video:
Gorilla and Queen will do control and Archibishop will heal us. Later I will add a second healer – Exorcist I just want right now to make a low power army first of all – to show you how it works. So, here is our 1st location with an opponent that was calculated because we were 350k power at the beginning. With every new location the power will be rising a lot in that case. But we unequiped our army… to 180k power, and now you will see how easy it will be What we see on the 2nd location?
Computer decided that we are weak an gave us much more easier opponent – 91k power Let’s place back our second Healer (Exorcist) in the army One more time – all my army is unequiped now.
(only Archbishop have some items) So you have to understand the mechanics first of all
equip someone or not – will be your choise Paranoia 😀 79k power – looool 🙂
it’s working )) Why it is so easy?
My heroes are very strong and do their ultimates first Moreover I spent all points to Grimoire – so he is also terribly strong (this is 6 weeks from the beginning) Awesome ^_^ One more time – 106k power
We are soooo weak 🙂 Won’t let her die – need her beautiful stun also will help my Gorilla a little bit – 1 artifact is ok 🙂 Here in the battle please notice that our Queen will release her stun ability, because she will be below 80% Now she is one more time more then 80% because of incoming heal. In 6 location she will be below 80% HP one more time – and one more time will do her 4 skill you see? So this will work with such a heroes every time I change places for Gorilla and this old grandfather ))
He have to show us – how to tank properly 😀 8 location – 144k…
(my real unequiped power was 350k at that moment, one more time) Some russian language on the background 🙂
I decided to let you just see the process 12 location – 174k
Really?)) Love how easy it can be 🙂
Totally overpowered Every time my Queen tries to die – but she is still alive ))
She have to be a good girl and show you her best performance )) Here it is!
14 locations done There is a last one guy
We can equip all our army and show him who is a boss here, khe khe 😀 There won’t be 350k power guys, was a very fast equipping – just not to waste your time Was so close to die.. So we have passed all 15 locations.
Thare were professional artists – no one died here 😀 Please repeat it safely at home :)) Bought one more time Grimoire Crystals…
And Uhuuuu – 80 level 🙂 So guys and girls 😀 I hope this video was helpful and interesting for you I wish you all a good luck in passing a Burning Crusade Comment below if everything was great – I will be very happy if my video will help you a lot! One more time all advices: Advice #1 – healers + controllers in army
Advice #2 – good level of Grimoire + runes Advice #3 – unequip your army at 1st location All my advices will help you to pass Burning Crusade all 15 locations no metter what power you have or VIP One thing that I ask you to do – please do it properly.
I just showed you mechanics and described the strategy Choose right army for Crusade, there are a lot of heroes that can help you to pass it easily sometimes you can equip someone or switch places – as we did on video In general everyting is easy – as you saw on my video.
Wish you a good luck and a nice day! 🙂 Bye!