2015 was a good year for Bully mod-wise, but which mods were really the best of that year? My name is SWEGTA, and today I will be counting down my top 5 favorite mods that were released during 2015 and 2015 alone. This means that any upcoming projects, or any unreleased mods, won’t make the list So, sorry Bully MP 🙁 They will also have to have been submitted to But taking the fact that there is currently 173 different mods submitted there I think it’s safe to say that this list will feature plenty of top-notch and creative modifications Let’s get right to it! Number 5: Force Push Mod By: Green Omnitrix There’s something about telekinesis that fascinates the human mind Being able to push something away at your wim is one hell of a superpower. And one that this particular mod grants you to use whenever you feel like it! Is this cutscene a bit boring? PUSH!!!! Is this guy picking on you? PUSH!!! Is this Sheldon? PUSH!!!!!!! And considering that it wasn’t really that long since the latest Star Wars movie came out, I’d say that this mod is pretty damn relevant and fun to mess around with! Number 4: Bullies Nightmare By: deadpoolXYZ Summarizing this mod is kinda difficult considering the huge amount of events that take place throughout this custom mission so I’ll just summarize things by reading how the mod author describes his own mod. “In this mission you play as 3 bullies but things don’t go as planned.” Well there you have it folks Go play it, I think you’ll like it! Number 3: Poison Gun 1.0 By: rockstafanatic When you say “Poison”, then you better fucking mean it. This mod literally gives you the ability to gas people with a poison gun. Meaning that you can actually KILL people with it. This can only mean ONE thing… Oh, Sheldon! Can I borrow you for a minute? DIE BITCH!!! Number 2: BULLY: Insanity Edition By: DABOSS Oh, you all knew that this would be on the list especially when you consider how much I push this mod on my channel as of late. Insanity Edition randomizes most if not ALL of the NPCs behavior and turns them from your everyday peds, to unpredictable inspontaneous freaks of nature, that can attack you at any given time throughout the game. This is definitely a mod you should check out if your planning on replaying the game from start to finish. Like me! And Number 1: Fight Club mod By: DABOSS Oh, you better believe it, this mod is the shit! In fact, some of you may have already seen me play it in the background during some of my commentary since of late, And there’s a good reason. As somewhat of a Bully veteran, I find it very relaxing to just kick back, grab my controller and fight waves upon waves of endless enemies in Fight Club. Like Insanity Edition, alot of the people you fight have randomized stats meaning that it’s not only up to skill but also luck when it comes to progressing throughout the waves of enemies you fight. Another thing I absolutely love about this mod, is the economics system that it utilizes. For each wave, you earn a small bit of money which you can either invest in risky stocks, which can and can sometimes not result in you getting your money back with some extra spending on the side. Buy weapons, upgrade said weapons, hire bodyguards, gamble, and so on. It’s all there for you to do and it offers a shit ton of replay value for when your bored and feel like beating someone up. This is by far the best mod for Bully out there at the moment and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Or do I…… Thank you all for watching this video If you liked it then make sure to give it a thumbs up and let me know in the comments below which mod is your favorite. And I’ll see you guys soon with more exclusive never seen before beta features on Saturday Have a good one 🙂