Top 10 Stephen Fry Moments

Writer, actor, poet, presenter, icon; where
would we be without him? Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we are counting
down our picks for the top ten Stephen Fry moments. For this list, we’ll be looking at the best
roles, performances and general moments of awesomeness that Stephen Fry has ever given
us. As something of a master when it comes to
the written and spoken word, is it any wonder that Stephen Fry has an ear for accents? While presenting a segment on Q.I, Stephen
journeys on a tangent through the highlands where we hear his take on a variety of Scottish
accents. Truth be told? They’re not half bad. From the full-on Glaswegian and the odd-but-admirable
posh Scot, all the way to the good old fashion smoked-himself-half-to-death drawl, it’s
hard to not be impressed by such an eclectic vocal range. While he’s contributed to the best of British
comedy, Stephen Fry has gone on the record to say he’s in no way a stand-up comedian. That being said, while touring Australia with
stories and accounts about his life, he certainly delivered when it came time for quips, quirks
and all other manner of punchlines. During a discussion about the three ‘w’s
that have shaped his life, Stephen points out how ironic it is that the shortened version
of ‘world wide web’ actually has less syllables than saying ‘www’. Fry’s aficionado mindset and signature way
with words are what he’s most well known for, but as it happens Stephen was also a
damn good-looking chap in his heyday! During an interview with heavyweight presenter
Terry Wogan back in the early 90s, Hugh Laurie is asked if his book would have adult tones,
to which Fry quickly interjects… Wise words, Stephen, wise words. The amazing chemistry he has with partner
in crime Hugh Laurie is on full display, as the two turn even a five-minute interview
into a moment of magic! Given the enormity of his knowledge and skillset
in the classics, it’s fair to say not many of us will be able to take the facts Stephen
parts with and use it in our everyday life, outside of the pub quiz. Except for this. Whether on his Aussie tour or while presenting
Q.I, Stephen has often let loose this little nugget of wisdom for anyone struggling with
bullying at school, in the workplace or anywhere else. It’s an idea that’s both peaceful but
also hilarious. It’s no secret that Stephen Fry is gay,
something he celebrates with pride and encourages others to do the same. Of course, given how prejudice towards the
LGBT community can still be fierce even to this day, dealing with homophobes is something
that he’s well-versed in. In his series “Out There”, where he explores
everything to do with homosexuality, Stephen delivers a powerful opening piece on how despite
all the homophobic rhetoric about the “gay agenda,” homosexual men aren’t interested
in making people gay, but homophobes do everything they can to covert others to their intolerance. He may be best known for his TV appearances,
but Stephen Fry is no stranger to Hollywood. He managed to stir up all manner of laughs
while acting alongside Robert Downey Jr as Mycroft Holmes in “A Game of Shadows”,
while also making a small but significant role as the Master in the Hobbit films. However, where he truly shone was as Oscar
Wilde in the 1997 biopic, where Stephen played the eponymous Irish novelist to perfection. Not surprising really, given how Wilde is
one his literary heroes. While he certainly brings joy to other people’s
lives, Stephen Fry has had to contend with a lot of obstacles throughout his own. More so than most of us, given how he not
only had to deal with prejudice for being a gay man, but also because he suffers from
Bipolar Disorder. However, in spite of living with a mental
state that undermines his happiness, he has taken extraordinary strides in speaking out
about mental health awareness, changing the conversation on how mental health should be
approached, while also giving insight into how one suffering with it should keep taking
each day as it comes. In what has to be the most impressive documentary
he has ever undertaken, Stephen took a trip across the pond in 2008, on a one-of a kind
journey across the U.S of A. From the Deep South all the way to the Pacific, he explores
the country’s most famed landmarks, while also meeting up with politicians, professors,
musicians, tech giants and even Morgan Freeman. Through his travels, which are all seen through
the windows of a trusty London cab, Stephen uncovers what makes each State so culturally
distinctive, and by proxy gives newcomers a better understanding of America as a whole. Thank you, Mr Fry, for being the ultimate
tourist! He can recite T.S Elliot’s poetry, fluently
quote Shakespeare and even give you a dazzling rendition from The Importance of Being Earnest,
but don’t think Stephen Fry doesn’t enjoy a good round of cursing every now and again. Actually, scratch that, Stephen Fry is a curse
word connoisseur. In the past he’s expressed that not only
is it something to be enjoyed but is actually a vital part of language as a whole. To this day Blackadder remains at the pinnacle
of British comedy, with Stephen playing a crucial part in its execution thanks to his
portrayal of this iconic character. In “Blackadder II”, he plays Melchett
as an intelligent yet conniving lord always looking to earn favour with the Queen, while
in “Blackadder Goes Fourth” he takes things up a gear by turning Melchett into a First
World War Colonel with more than a few screws loose. His comedic timing is excellent, the banter
with Rowan Atkinson’s Blackadder never fails to make us laugh, and holy hell does he know
how to pull off a fake moustache! Isn’t that right, Darling?