Thomas Lennon On Having The Prince Of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne As His Neighbor

– [Kelly] Such a gentleman. – Kelly, Kelly, I wanna say, I’ve been a fan for a long time. – [Kelly] Okay. – I am so excited for your new show. – Oh, thank you. – And I really hope
that you crush The Talk. (screaming) (crowd laughing) – Were not even on at the same time. – I hope that you crush them! – Stop it – You say, how do you like that. – I know you two know each
other, so you’re kidding. But they don’t. – Sometimes I guest host
as Sharon on The Talk. – So, you do the accent and everything? – Off course I do. – [Sharon] Of course I do. (laughing) – I do the wig, I do the thing. – He’s from London. – Yes, I do the full Sharon. So, if you ever need it here, I can also do it. (laughing) – So, wait, you related… I heard that you related to
the engagement photo shoot. – I did. – You did. – When you first start dating somebody, you find the things
that you connect about, which with you guys is
obviously horrible sweaters. (audience laughing) And sexual energy. – Which was great. – Which is really exciting. – The slight tongue on
the ear was my favorite. – We had sort of a Brady Bunch situation, when my wife and I started dating. She had some stuffed animals
and I had some stuffed animals. We sort of had a blended
family with our stuffed animals and that became on of the
main things that we started. – Are these, like,
childhood stuffed animals? – They were adult stuffed animals, that we either bought
or were given as adults. – What do you do with them? (laughing) – We took them all around the world. – [Kelly] Okay. – Before we had kids,
people with kids, you know, you never have a free minute again, ever. – No. – Life is never the same. – Not even peeing. – No, you never even pee. – Yeah, yeah. – But, when you don’t have kids, you’re, like, let’s take our
stuffed animals to Austria. (laughing) – [Kelly] Okay where are you here? – [Thomas] That’s Mexico. – [Kelly] Okay. – [Thomas] The first one was Barcelona. – [Kelly] Barcelona. – [Thomas] Barcelona. That’s the Gramercy hotel in New York. But they went to a lot of spots. – You also took some
special portraits, though, with these stuffed animals, right? – Unlike our friends, I… (audience clapping) Sharon, you’ve known for a while. You know I’m crazy, right? – This is like, the creepiest Mr. Rogers, most awesome thing ever, I love it. – I went to the apartment
store photo booth. – Which are great. – To do that? – For a full day, oh yeah. – I kinda wanna do it and send it to you as my Christmas card. – I thought that looked
like a Christmas card. – I did like, three and a
half hours of portraits, with the stuffed animals. – Three and a half hours. I love you. – And the young girl who worked at the, it’s just like a department
store photo booth, and she’s like, oh gosh, here’s
like a mid-level movie star who wants to take three hours of pictures with stuffed animals. It was fun, yeah. – It’s hilarious, she probably loved it. That’s amazing. – She was very excited. I got them all blown up really big. – Are they hanging in your house? Please say yes. – Oh God, no. Now we have a kid. – Okay, okay, so you have
to like, use the actual kid. – We have an actual child. We haven’t spoken in years. (laughing) – So, you let the kid
touch the stuffed animals? – The people with kids laughed way to hard at that over there. – Well, Jenny seems like a special lady. How did you propose? – I took her to Catalina. You know where Catalina Island is? – [Sharon] Yes. – [Kelly] I’ve never been there. – There’s nothing there. – Oh, well, so I probably won’t. – There’s nothing there. – I probably won’t do it then. – I don’t work for the
Catalina tourism board. There’s nothing there. – Buffalo. – There’s a bunch of buffalo, they left as they shot a movie. – What? – Yeah, that’s really what happened. So, we went out to Catalina and I had a diamond in my, you know, that little
pocket on your jeans. – Oh, the tiny, tiny one. – I had the diamond ring, yeah. And of course this is the most expensive thing I’d ever had. Was in my jeans pocket. Other than a Saab 900S in the 80s. So, I was real nervous. And I guess I seemed kinda mad. I was just like, walking
and touching the thing and freaking out. I’m just like, don’t lose
the Saab in your pocket. You know? And so, she thought
that I was bringing her to this garden to break up. – Oh, no! – Yeah and she was super surprised. – Wait, do people bring people to beautiful places to break up? – Who would do that? – Yeah. She’s like, oh, this is great news. She started crying,
she’s like this is great, because I thought we were breaking up. – Oh my Gosh. – And I was like, if I
brought you to an island to the top of a hill to break… That’s what Dr. Evil would do. – You’re either going to
propose or bury someone. – Yeah, of course. Look down the hill. – Yeah. – Surprise. – It’s fine. How did Ozzy propose to you? – Oh, he asked my
father’s permission first. – Oh, what a gentleman. – Yeah, and then he went
out and got me a ring, but he got me a wedding ring
and not an engagement ring. So, he bent down, he gave me
the ring and it was lovely and then the next week
we had a huge fight, I took the ring off, I threw it into the bushes. – A very passionate relationship. – Oh, yeah. And then all I see is my husband’s bum, as he’s on the ground looking
for the ring in the bushes. – Did he find it? – Yeah, he did. – 37 years later, it worked. – Sharon and Ozzy, we live
in the same neighborhood. – We do? – We do, yes. So, sometimes I’ll see
Sharon on the street, but then, something that’s unexpected is when you’re at like, the pharmacy and there’s
the Prince of Darkness. – Exactly. He seems kinda like a sweetheart, though. – He’s such a sweetheart. – He is. – Except when you see him at
the pharmacy and you go… (scream) – I love that. Wait, so. Okay so you have this,
I’ve mentioned this. You have a new book, right? It’s even a book series. – This is the first in the
Ronan Boyle book series. I started writing the book
while I was in Ireland. I was staying at an all
spooky haunted castle. And I’d always wanted
to write something that, you know, that my son
would wanna read, really. So it’s sort of a fun book for kids, you don’t have to be a voracious reader. It’s pretty light hearted. – I love it. – And it’s a lot of fun. – [Kelly] This book looks interesting. I wanna get into whatever that is. – It went to number two on the
New York Times best seller. – Damn straight, right on. – Which means, dad was right. (laughing) – Oh my God. – It’s like I was almost,
almost good enough. – Oh my God. – I have a friend in the literacy called and she was like, it
only went to number two and I’m like, boohoo. – Really? – I’m like, people would die for two. – Classic problems, classic problems. – Yes, those are definitely
privileged problems.