This Video Will Make You Hate BTS FANS

TheHollywoodFix Reporter- “You guys should do a track with RiceGum. You know the rapper, the asian rapper” Hey guys. It’s me again. I always see comments always randomly talked about “I’ve missed the old RiceGum” Which really doesn’t make any sense, because I felt like I haven’t changed I feel like I’m the same old me, but I read comments and listen to criticism so here I am in my old setup. This is where it all began back when I was struggling mattress on the ground This is where it all started for the people that have been supporting since the beginning I just want to say thank you so much you guys are awesome. Anyways enough of the chittter chatting. I’ve recently been disrespected I just can’t be having that because I just been working too hard and just has done so much to be Treated like this basically. I’ll just let you guys down what happened and hopefully all the disrespect under my name Just you know stops because it’s just not cool. Anyways what went down There’s a group of Asians and they formed a group I think the group is called BTS and they’re all Korean they all sing and dance and they just formed a group and they make Music and they’re really really popular not only do they have a ton of fans get their country of Asia But also have a lot of fans in America too, and that’s kind of why I’ve been hearing their name alot and I haven’t really heard any of their music or anything I just always hear their name randomly. Now this boy band just so happens to be in America for whatever Reason there was this paparazzi that was lurking lurking from afar, and he finally walks up to them just to ask them You guys should do a track with rice gum I really don’t know why he came up them and asked them that it was really Random they all look so confused, maybe because the English isn’t really that good, and they don’t really understand But I also feel like they wouldn’t even know who I am and why would they even relate to them anyways regardless the video gets Juicier you know the rapper the Asian right now, please stop for like five minutes Things are gonna heated both of these guys to get peppy with each other I felt like a fight coulda broke loose out of anyways the thing I understand is why is he going through all this trouble in All these complications just to ask them more questions about me. Hey. What do you guys think about? He’s really good. He’s a good career rapper. Yeah you guys This guy goes through all this trouble and out of all the things this guy could ask these guys I’m all the thing you could ask them anything He’s just stuck on the rice cup question for some reason And I appreciate this guy show me love this reporter is showing me mad love, but like I’m a youtuber You know I’m saying and these guys are like worldwide international You know singers stars whatever you want to call them And the questions are pretty random and when the securities were telling him to stop He should have just stopped and stopped being so difficult about it Yeah, the video is pretty awkward kind of hard to watch because he’s over here You know people have put a hand in his face He’s just really trying to just you know get the point across like more droopiness alright like he just wants to know what their opinion Is on rice go, but yeah, I randomly stumbled upon this video somehow. I’m involved in the video I don’t know how about you know whatever right? I didn’t think much of it I just watched it And I went on with my day and for some reason I start getting these hate these tweet from like these BTS fangirls here I still fuck off like nobody walk through weaksauce asked the fact that you thought you were on BTS is level And she attached four pictures okay, first off. What did I say that I was I BTS level? I’ve never said those words in my life I’ll top of that the memes that she posted underneath weren’t even good like Christ um that guy who rudely interrupted. Wait a minute Why is it for me first? He should be roasting the other guys first? I didn’t do anything the other guys the one interrupted asking all the questions What did I do all I know is that someone asked BTS if they were going to the lab with race dumb and ugly ass Talentless youtuber who hits women okay what I’ve never had a woman ever Why are they even coming at me like this? So as rice time really involved in this whole BTS situation because if he is we are gonna have trouble ok I’m not involved in this BTS situation But if we were what trouble would we be having because a lot of these BTS fangirls are little girls? You know I mean, and I feel like all these girls never have pictures of themselves on their account They always hide and put another picture of like some other k-pop stars to disguise themselves so I was like this person saying that we’re gonna have troubles like who are You and I’m really not staring you’re part like 12 if mister breathe anything that could be related to BTS slightly I’m gonna fly to wherever the he is and B is supreme loving ass. Okay. Why are they getting violent now, okay? I don’t like this because I don’t know what I did Because you should be getting mad at the reporter for invading their privacy and interrupting their photo shoot You know I mean like be mad at him. Why are they being mad at me like? What did I do rice gum ugly-ass mofo here? We go again Another fan account that doesn’t have a picture of who they are like how are you to come at me for being ugly my appearance? But you don’t have pictures of yourself you have a picture of a kpop day like it’s not even fair man like they know what? I look like but I don’t know what they look like so how can I even roast back so be honest Bryce don’t probably hired People love now. He ugly like that. Okay. I did not hire anyone, but the thing is that reporter sounds familiar He seemed like the same one that pulled up on me know what I would have Rhys he kind of wants to squash everything things Too bitch see I was just trying to mind my own business with my watermelon, but do it spawn up on me, too So I’ve not hire anyone He’s right he’s either you do right god. Yes Okay, what’s so funny? Why is everyone laughing and why is your mom’s eyes about to pop out of her freaking school all right stop roasted me I’m tired of being clouded the fact that he’s saying that they should collab with freakin rice come of all people makes it even more Ridiculous he wants diamonds to go together with shit. No, thank you. You’re insane. Okay, so I think he’s calling me shit That’s really not that cool. You don’t even know how to spell diamonds I mean its core to think very highly of your idols You know this girl has a profile picture of like this kpop star, so I’m assuming She’s very young and you know confused, but they really all these fans speak very very highly of their idols And I don’t know I feel like it’s a little bit too highly. You know. I’m not even fully awake to process what happened I’m just still in the fact that rice gum was even mentioned Whispered thought of while in the presence of BTS. Are you crazy alright? This girl’s making it seem like BTS is some like dogs or some like at the end of the day. They’re humans I’m a human. You’re a human watching your parents or humans your friends, or we’re all humans. We’re all equal relax Why was that paparazzi asking them about that asshat rice tub he’s all relevant Call me irrelevant when your ass has seven phone if anyones are relevant You’re irrelevant you have no room to call me how can these paparazzi ass BTS collaborate with racism don’t? Disrespect that my boys are rich successful people to be asked to collaborate with an irrelevant youtuber shake my head okay, I’m gonna confuse because I’m getting attacked and they’re acting like the rice done question was disrespectful like not really I feel like the More disrespectful part was him interrupting the private photoshoot and wasting their time and after security said stop He just kept going like that was the disrespectful part. Not the rice dumpling I feel like people are getting mad at me And you guys should be getting mad at the reporter guy for interrupting like why am I getting? Attacked that pat was so stupid. How could BTS know from working with Steve Aoki to a nobody like rice go buddy? I’m a nobody now. I’m a nobody who the eff is rest up though. He’s relevant stop stop calling me a little bit They really gotta stop who I’m not around. I’m really not boy. You have 25 followers. Who are you to call me a road? I really cry at NAMM John’s face when they asked about doing a song with race to them Don’t nobody know who the fuck that is except for the little kids that follow him on YouTube But how is gonna say that nobody knows because in that same sentence He’s like yeah, but these little kids don’t have like there’s a lot of little kids out there that know me so as like It’s not nobody and then on top of that the picture. He attached isn’t even a good meme like what is like How is that even funny like that fucking guy? I asked him about rice Deb like out of all the things so irrelevant Is he calling me irrelevant again? Okay? Boy you have a hundred followers. Who are you to clap? This guy has fifty four thousand tweets, which means he tweeted fifty four thousand times. I don’t live in tweet that much, bro Who are you tweeting – I see say, who are you tweeted to who is listening say? Hi guys as you guys can see these BTS fan girls have been cooking me apart The thing is though not all of them are brain-dead like for instance this one looks like your typical BTS fangirl page that they’re you know profile pic whatever, but she said, I don’t know who write stuff is But why are Army’s? Attacking him on his IG that paparazzi feel had nothing to do with them for real go like why were they attacking me so happy Late I don’t know the rapper Yeah guys gonna wrap it up Thank you so much if you guys made to the end if you guys did that means you enjoyed the video so make sure your trouble like subscribe if You are you and comment below. I do read all comments, and I know before I posted this video I went like a full week without posting so I’m sorry I’m back now I’m posting every single day and look for all you BTS fingers that are gonna keep hate on me for being involved in this like I wasn’t even involved in this I didn’t ask for this so chill out Really really you really need to chill out or I’m gonna make a part 2, and you don’t want that so anyways Thank you so much for watching. I’ll post a new video modify support, and I will see you guys tomorrow