This Kelly Clarkson-Inspired Baby Cake Smash Is Too Adorable

– Cake smashing is now a trend
for a baby’s first birthday and I just saw the cutest
one, probably in the history of the internet. Watch this. (cheerful music) (audience cheering) Well I of course had
to have that baby here. Welcome baby Iris! Happy Birthday! Oh my Gosh!
(audience clapping) She’s like, “Why are
they clapping for me?” ‘Cause you’re cute! Okay, so how did this happen? – So I’m actually a
photographer and I do a lot of cake smashes and I have
loved you since you won Idol. – Oh, well thank you, that’s nice! – Yes, and I’ve been watching
your show since it started and I just love it so much,
so I wanted to do a little homage to the show. So I wanted to do a Kelly
Clarkson Show cake smash. – It’s so cute! – Thank you! And then I called my friend
Jasmine, ’cause I knew Iris was gonna turn one,
and I ask her if she was gonna be interested
in being my little model. – So okay, so Jasmine. Uta came up with this
idea, were you like, “No”? (laughing) – No, I was like, “Uh,
yes please, sign us up”. – [Kelly] It’s so cute! – Yeah, I’m also been a big fan. I love your voice. – Well thank you. – And I love the show. I’ve been watching since
you started in September. (Iris coughing) – [Kelly] Get it out, get it out. – Oh, you okay? – [Kelly] You need some tequila? (laughing) – I could, I could use some tequila. – I know you could, girl. (laughing) So yeah, and I was just thrilled for her to be a part of it, because we love you. – Oh my God, well it’s
adorable, the sunflower cake. I want a sunflower cake. So Joe, can we see a side by side? Joe’s our director, y’all. (laughing) Look at it! You did a, Uta you did a really good job! – [Uta] Thank you. – Like you nailed it! Do you think Iris had fun? – Oh my God, I think yeah. I think she clearly did. – It’s cake, was that her first cake? – It was her first cake,
her first sugar ever. – Oh my gosh, she must have been bonkers! – [Jasmine] Yeah, it was
amazing and I loved the photo where she ate it off her toes too. – Iris, Jasmine, and
Uta, thank you so much for being here. That video brought me
just so much happiness. It was a really cute idea. We loved it and we wanted
to celebrate your birth. (applause)