Think B4 U Click – Cyberbullying vox pops

I’m Shannon Williams, I’m from the
Indigenous Women’s Legal Program
at Women’s Legal Service New South Wales. We’re here today at Yarbun 2012 to get some views
from our young people on Cyberbullying. Ah, it’s called lateral violence and cyberbullying is a
part of lateral violence Um, it’s when people bully over the internet,
or over their phone, or using electronic devices and it’s one of the worst
ways you can bully really. it’s just, you know, basically
people making fun of you online. It’s not… It’s not that bad but by the
same time is not appreciated. Like, someone bullying you over the internet and making you feel bad over the internet when it’s online it’s out there
and you can’t take it back and it’s there for the world to see. So,
it can often lead to, like, embarrassment, or it can be demeaning, and it’s really hurtful
to know that someone thinks of you like that and the whole world can see it. Well, people just brush it off, it’s like,
‘Ah it’s just a comment on youtube’ or ‘It’s just a comment on facebook. Why do
you have to get so worked up over it’. Fair enough but, you know, you’re still talking to people. it’s… it’s affecting a lot of people
in our community uh… and it’s so easy. You don’t have to be,
ah, in front of a computer. It’s hand held now and some of
those things that are said there it’s, um, really personal and you can’t
take it back. And once you click it it’s gone. You know, it’s, um, and it causes a lot of, um, you know, um, disharmony, anger, hurt
in our community. Yeah. Yeah, I had a youtube account
and I actually, um, had to deactivate it. ‘Cause, ah, there was comments, um, If I was commenting on Aboriginal footage
or videos, um, or liking them and then people were
commenting on them and um… there’s actually
some really racist things that are written on youtube
about Aboriginal people. And, yeah, um, on facebook some girls decided to make a
page about me, saying, ‘Tyra is black and she should burn in hell
and all black people should burn in hell’. and it’s, it sort of… Like, i don’t really care about this
stuff but sometimes it gets to me because i didn’t do anything to them. Um, yeah I have, I had a
friend who was cyberbullied. She was called a lot of names
because she made a mistake and um… it drove her to commit suicide. So… she… yeah, it was really hurtfull to go through
all that. Especially with her, I lost a good friend like that. Um… stressed and anxious uh… upset. you know you’ve got to, as Aboriginal
people, you’ve got to justify yourself enough as it is in society and to have
people bombarding you on there, um, and saying,
you know, you get free, um, university, you get free ‘this’, you get free ‘that’,
and no matter how many times you tell them that
you don’t, they just, they just don’t believe you and
they just keep attacking you. Well, if someone does Cyberbully you,
make sure you tell someone or you ignore them, maybe report the page, or whatever
it is, and just delete it and forget about it and just remember that you’re the better
person and they’re the bad person. I don’t really know but it needs
to be monitored a little bit more. But you don’t know who these
people are and it’s a bit of a tricky one. Well, I set my privacy settings so
only my friends can see the stuff and I’m also careful
with what, what I put on to facebook myself. The photos and uh… I suppose the information about myself
that I put onto there. Yeah. um… the worst thing you can do is just to let it
all happen and think that you deserve it. Because no one does! And if you’re online or you’ve got your phone
make sure that you keep, like, all your details to only family and friends that
you know and trust and if it happens don’t be scared to, like,
tell someone about it because the most important thing you need when
you’re being bullied is support.