Think B4 U Click – Cyberbullying project

(Music Plays) Cyberbullying is a new form of abuse that happens through technology that connects you to the internet or to any other people So this can be through your phone, computer iPod or iPad or any other form of multimedia technology It’s called lateral violence and cyberbullying is part of lateral violence. It’s when people bully over the internet, over the phone or using electronic devices and it’s one of the worst ways you can bully really It’s just, you know, people making fun of you online it’s not, it’s not that bad, but at the same time it’s not appreciated. like someone bullying you over the internet, and making you feel bad over the internet. So bullies don’t need a reason to pick on anybody, but some of the excuses they may use could be because they don’t like the way you look because of your background because of where you live you may be new to the school or new to the area or maybe just hanging with a new group of friends. but one of the biggest reasons why people may get cyberbullied could be because of a friendship that’s broken down or you may have broken up with your boyfriend or your girlfriend. So here’s a little statistic for you, half of you in this room have been bullied, half of you may have been bullies so bullying is bullying, it’s unacceptable… it’s just as bad as physical bullying. because they have something wrong with them and I myself bullied them at school and I really regret that when someone did it over Facebook, I know how it feels, so I sort of try to stick up for them and then I lost a friend from that so it’s better off losing a friend, instead of being the bad person stalking is not just following somebody around it could be harrassing somebody on a social media website by phone, email or SMS it can be a crime teasing and spreading rumors could also be intimidation it’s also against the law, to log onto somebody elses account and send abusive messages don’t give your password to anyone and update it regularly it’s, it’s affecting a lot of people in our community and it’s so easy, you don’t have to be in front of a computer, it’s handheld now and some of the things that’s said there is really personal and you can’t take it back and once you click it it’s gone you know, and it um, causes a lot of… disharmony, anger, hurt in our community well people just brush it over, oh it’s just a comment on YouTube or it’s just a comment on Facebook… why do you have to get so worked up over it? fair enough, but you know, you’re still talking to people um, stess, anxious, upset um, yeah I have, I had a friend who was cyberbullied she was called a lot of names because she made a mistake and um, so she commit suicide she yeah… it was really hurtful to go through all that, especially with her, I lost a good friend like that I had a you Tube account and I had to deactivate it cos, there was comments um, if I was commenting on Aboriginal footage or videos or liking them and then people were commenting on them um, there was actually some really racist things are written on YouTube about Aboriginal people yeah um, on Facebook some girls decided to make a page about me, saying Tyra is black and she should burn in hell, and all black people should burn in hell and it’s… it’s sort of like I don’t really care about that stuff but sometimes it gets to me because I didn’t do anything to them you know, you’ve gotta, as Aboriginal people, you gotta justify yourself enough as it is in society and to have people bombarding you on there and saying, you get free uni, you get free this you get free that no matter how many times you tell them that you don’t they don’t believe you and they just keep attacking you, so so now we’re gonna talk about a topic that I know is gonna be a bit shame but it’s a really really important message that we need to get out there and that’s about sexting so sexting could be anything from sending or receiving dirty messages on your mobile phone Facebook or anything else like that it can be taking photos of yourself, or someone else naked in their cozzies, in their underwear, in the shower in a sexual pose, and forwarding that one sexting can be a crime, especially if the person in the photo is under 16 years of age and if anyone is found with that photo, they may be charged under the Child Pornography Act so think about this, anything you post on the internet it there forever so what happens if one day, Mum, Dad, Nan, Pop Auntie, Uncle or any of your family members or even a future employer, Google’s you and all these photos come up now that’s shame… when it’s online, it’s out there and you can’t take it back and it’s there for the world to see, so can often lead to embarrassment it could be demeaning, and it’s really hurtful to know that somebody thinks of you like that and then the whole world can see it if you forward stuff on, it only makes cyberbullying worse bullying is bullying and if you forward it on, it’s just as back as starting it so don’t be a part of it I set my privacy settings so only my friends can see that stuff that, and I’m always careful with what I put onto Facebook myself the photos and um… I suppose the information about myself that I put onto that and if you’re online and you’ve got your phone make sure that you’ve got all your details, so only family and friends that you know and trust… so how can the law help you If you’re being cyberbullied, keep the evidence and take a support person with you and report it to the police you can ask the police to apply for an A.P.V.O which is an Apprehended Personal Violence Order for your protection. If the court grants you this order the bully must stop harassing you if they don’t, they may be charged with a crime for breaching this order well if someone does cyber bully you, make sure you tell someone or you ignore them maybe you delete the page or whatever it is and just forget about it and just remember that you’re the better person and they’re the bad person so if you’re unsure if you or someone else you know are being cyber-bullied talk to a trusted adult or somebody else you trust, and talk about it remember that you are not alone and if it happens, don’t be scared to just tell somebody about it because the most important thing that you need when you’re being bullied, is support (Music starts) how you can stop cyber-bullying talk to someone you trust and remember that you’re not alone …or that you wouldn’t want your parents, other family member, teachers or future employers to read or see