The Untold Truth Of Lele Pons

Once known as the Queen of Vine, Lele Pons
now dominates YouTube, and continues to one-up her own success across the board. At 21 years old, Pons has already published
her first book and is a brand ambassador for CoverGirl. But what about the things that aren’t as well
known about this star? Let’s take a look at the untold truth of this
trending influencer. A victim of bullying It turns out, Pons wasn’t always the popular
girl. The star described the bullying she experienced
in high school, telling Teen Vogue, “I started getting bullied because…I’m not
like the cool girls — I’m the other girl…The one that’s basically a nerd, but proud of
that.” Once she discovered Vine, she got the confidence
she needed. Cultural differences Pons and her family moved to the U.S. when
she was 5 years old. “I’ll be talking in Spanglish a lot…I’m
from Venezuela by the way.” And the Venezuela-born Pons had to do some
serious studying in order to adjust to her new life. She opened up about her struggles in an interview
with Young Hollywood: “I was dyslexic. I didn’t know how to read. I didn’t know how to speak in English…I
had to learn how to learn, and then I learned everything else.” Other dreams Even though Pons was just 15 when she first
hit it big, she had already devised a plan for her future. And, spoiler alert: it wasn’t the internet. She told Teen Vogue, she wanted to be a singer,
saying, “I was going to finish school and go to Berkeley
and then Vine came out and I felt like I could finally show people my talent…I don’t know
where I would be right now without it.” Becoming an expert Pons wasn’t a natural pro with social media. On Hollywood Today Live, Pons admitted, “I didn’t know what social media was… I just started, like, having fun with it,
and then like, it just took another turn, and a lot of people started liking what I
was doing.” The star told Teen Vogue that before a friend
encouraged her to get active on social media, she was always the last to join anything online. Hollywood digs In Hollywood, Vine celebrities once lived
together in an apartment building filled with social media stars — on Vine Street, of
course. In an interview with Perez Hilton, Pons summed
up life with so many other social media stars, saying, “There’s drama. There’s like best friends. There’s cliques. There’s everything in that building.” Not about the fame Pons is the first one to set the record straight
when it comes to why she does what she does. She told Perez, “I never did this because I wanted to be famous. I did this because I liked what I was doing… It’s more about, like, just being yourself.” Future in showbiz Pons continues to beef up her acting chops. So where can her fans expect to see her next? Maybe on the silver screen. She told AOL Entertainment she’s got plans
to branch out into the entertainment industry, saying, “I like YouTube and I still want to do social
media, but I also want to go through the more traditional entertainment world.” She’s got game In 2016, Pons launched her YouTube channel
with Shots Studios. And according to Billboard in November of
2017, her channel has over 800 million views. The team at Shots Studios determines good
content and capitalizes on its popularity. Pons has been a big believer in their work,
telling Forbes, “I love that they give me the freedom to create
the content that I want to create, but I also value their ideas and feedback. Their support makes being a part of Shots
such an amazing opportunity.” All about the music Pons’ love of music has been evident since
the beginning of her career. “I needed music, music… You know, I’m Latina you need a fiesta, a
big thing. This is amazing, I love this, but you know,
I…” [Horn music] She told Billboard about her musical roots,
saying, “Music has always been a part of my life…I’m
always listening to it and dancing to it and, even though I don’t record it, I try to find
ways to include that in my videos.” Fans can even spot the YouTube star in Camila
Cabello’s music video for her track, “Havana.” So who knows where she might show up next? Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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