The Sims 4 Pregnancy Cheats: Guide to Using Them

We’re going to do a quick look at pregnancy
cheats. This is because a lot of existing pages on
this topic are now outdated and it’s frustrating some people who come to our site. So, for that reason, I want to address it. I assume that when people search for this,
they want to instantly make a Sim pregnant but such a cheat isn’t available. The best we can do is a workaround, and one
that can be taken a bit further with a mod. Let’s go through the process step-by-step
and I’ll show you how to cheat a pregnancy in The Sims 4. First, hold control and shift, press ‘C’ while
they’re held. Type, “testingcheats on”. The best we can do to create a pregnancy in
a Sim is to use the modifyrelationship cheat to try for baby. This cheat does not require a mod. Here’s the syntax. So we’re going to type modifyrelationship
and then the first name and last name of the two Sims that we want to modify followed by
100 LTR_romance_main. This is going to completely fill their romance
meter. This won’t immediately allow them to try for
baby, in most cases. But if you do a couple socials like first
kiss, you should be able to try for baby. As long as a bed’s around. Now we can try for baby, and it may not work
on the first try. There’s an 80% chance of pregnancy if you
try for baby, so you can try, have your hopefully pregnant Sim use a pregnancy test at the toilet
and if you fail try again. Check notifications for a positive pregnancy
test and when that is done, you have successfully cheated a pregnancy. We can take it a bit further with a mod. In order to take this further, we’ll need
TwistedMexi’s enable all cheats mod. This brings back many cheats that were taken
with the Seasons patch. You download the .ts4script file from his
patreon, copy it from your download folder to Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods. If the mods folder is not there, you may safely
right-click and create the folder. Make sure that when you go to game options,
you have enabled script mods under Gameplay Settings – Other. You will need to restart the game after this. Now we can do some cooler stuff. Before we proceed, you should make a backup
copy of your current save game just in case something goes wrong. Our Sim is pregnant.Let’s say we want to have
quintuplets. Five babies, yeah! Why? I don’t know but people want to. We’ll need to get the ID of our pregnant Sim. This is a long string of numbers that identifies
our Sim to the game. We will use the Sims.get_sim_id_by_name firstname
lastname cheat. Now we will take that string of numbers and
use the pregnancy.force_offspring_count SimID 5 to make her have five babies. We must get the ID exactly right, or we’re
wasting our time. Better to double-check it before continuing. The game will not give you confirmation. And, finally, another cheat that require’s
Mexi’s mod. You can force her to go into labor with the
Sims.add_buff buff_pregnancy_inlabor cheat. Our Sim will go instantly into labor. We can click her to go deliver them at the
hospital with the Get to Work expansion or have them right there on the spot. As far as I understand, it’s best to do this
right away if you’ve used the pregnancy.force_offspring_count cheat. This sums up the ways you can cheat a pregnancy
in The Sims 4. No, there isn’t a better way as far as I know. Yes, you need mods to force labor at this
point in time. That may change. I appreciate comments and thank those who
take the time to throw us a like if our video was helpful. I am planning to do dozens more videos like
this, covering just about every major idea in The Sims 4. Subscribe and hit the bell if you’d like to
see more like this. Have a great day and thank you for watching.