The Passive Aggressive Flatmate

Hey bro, how’s it going? Hey man. You know if you’ve got an issue, you can just
tell me in person. Why, what does it say? You know what it says, you’re the only other
person that lives here. Hmm, I guess the music has been a little loud
recently. Look whatever, I’ll keep the volume down just promise me if there’s anything else you’ll
just talk to me, yeah? OK. So there’s nothing else you want to say? No. OK, good. For God sake. If you’ve got an issue, just say it to my
face. Yeah sure, if anything bothers me I’ll let
you know straight away. Some of the flatmates have said that you’re
becoming really aggressive. No, I’m standing right here. You don’t need these. No, stop it. Oh my god, no no. Just communicate with your mouth. Yes I will do. Some people have complained that you keep
stealing people’s post-it notes. What is wrong with you? Stop being so passive aggressive and just
relay your issues with words. Listen man, I really have nothing to say. Living with you is great. Well, it was a nice chat. Glad we could clear the air. Might be needing these.