The Office Fan Theory That Will Make You Fear Jim

– [Narrator] The American Office is your typical workplace sitcom
full of wacky characters, harmless hijinx, will-they-won’t
they romantic drama, and, of course, a brutal serial killer. Oh, you didn’t remember that? Despite being a fun comedy
about paper salesmen, The Office actually had a running gag about a local serial killer, known as “The Scranton Strangler.” In Season Six, Andy holds up a newspaper with the headline “Scranton
Strangler Strikes Again.” One episode showed the gang watch the strangler’s arrest on TV, and Human Resource drone Toby even became a juror on the trial, later confessing that he feared he helped sentence an
innocent man to death. ♫ Oh yeah – [Announcer] Could this mean
the real Scranton Strangler is still at large, and maybe even one of the
cast members we know and love? A lot of fans certainly think so. It’s not hard to see why, considering that the
show’s producer promised “explosive” twists in the final season, adding that the killer
would be “unmasked.” And so, even though revealing
one of the characters was secretly a serial killer
seemed like an odd fit for a show built on unrequited
crushes and awkward silences, the internet went full Miss Marple trying to figure out who the hell it was. Let’s look at the suspects. The most obvious choice
seemed to be Creed, the office’s resident sketchy old man. Most damningly, in one
episode he runs away after mistaking a murder mystery game for a genuine investigation. Another time, Creed comes
to work on Halloween wearing a blood-spattered shirt, despite not knowing it was Halloween. – That is really, really good timing. – [Narrator] Some internet
conspiracy theorists believe it to be the needless creepy Gabe, Toby himself and even
Pam’s ex-fiance, Roy, who has a known history of violence. Dwight dressed as the
Strangler for Halloween, so he’s on the list, but one Buzzfeed writer proposes the most shocking choice of all: America’s Sweetheart, Jim Halpert. Think about it, Jim Halpert
is an effortless liar who spent eight years torturing
his office mate, Dwight, and borderline stalking
his office crush, Pam, even though he knew she had a fiancé, so we know he’s not the
most morally spotless guy. But okay, being a serial killer is a big leap from being a bully. How about the fact that
the Strangler only strikes when Jim is in Scranton, and never when he’s working in
Stamford or out on the road, promoting his new company? Could this floppy-haired, amoral sociopath have been the terror of
Scranton the whole time? I mean, probably not, the
evidence is kinda flimsy, but it is the unwavering
belief of this website that he definitely was. – Thank you, Scranton Stranger. I love you. You just took one more
person’s breath away. – [Man] Yeah.