The NOT ON campaign – the University of Birmingham and Guild of Students say no to sexual harassment

Inappropriate comments
Sexist jokes
Cat Calling Unwanted touching
Groping Sexist remarks
Wolf whistling It’s not on It’s not on For three years we have been working on the
‘Not On’ Campaign at the University of Birmingham Sexual Harrassment comes in many forms. It
can be physical, emotional and verbal. It can happen almost anywhere – on campus or off campus It can affect all students regardless of gender,
sexuality or nationality Whatever form it comes in, be it from a friend, or total stranger, we say sexual harassment is not on Together, we are committed to creating an
environment free of harassment in which all students, staff and visitors are treated with
dignity and respect. Together, we can make a difference and put an end to sexual harassment That’s why the University of Birmingham
and the Guild of Students have launched “Not On” – a joint campaign against sexual
harassment. We strongly encourage students and staff to show their support and join the
campaign by signing the “Not On” pledge and challenging the behaviours around them. I will take action to prevent sexual harassment I’ve taken the pledge I will not tolerate, condone or ignore sexual
harassment of any kind. I will challenge sexual harassment I’ve taken the pledge I will educate myself and others about sexual
harassment What it is, how it makes people feel, and
why it’s not on. If you or anyone you know experiences sexual harassment help, advice and guidance are available. As part of our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our students, we have launched
an online reporting tool where support and advice is given to students who experience
an incident of harassment or sexual assault. Our online induction demonstrates some of
the challenges you may face and shows you where to go for help and advice. We are also running one hour workshops that
look at consent in relation to sexual harassment, showing students how to look after themselves
and their friends on nights out. The harassment advisory service is a free
confidential service, open to all staff and students You can also speak to Guild Advice at the Guild of Students whose trained advisors you can speak to in confidence. We take sexual harassment very seriously Sexual harassment will not be tolerated Not on our campus Not on our sports pitches Not on our club nights It’s not on It’s not on It’s not on Sexual Harassment is not on