The Most Common Question Employees Ask Me About Employment Rights

I’m regularly asked by employees about
where they stand in the workplace what I mean by this is that they come to me
with a complaint or a grievance but they’re not actually sure whether they
have a claim or whether it’s a breach of an employment right or whether it’s a
breach of a contract or whether perhaps it’s just a grievance and what I try to
do with the consultation service that I provide is to give them authority and
peace of mind so basically then over the stand and the key thing at the end of it
and that the employee gets is a clear view of where they really stand and
whether they should take a different battle or proceed with whatever the
issue is so sometimes when they come to me maybe with an allegation of bullying
in the workplace or maybe a complaint about perhaps the field have been forced
to resign the position perhaps they feel that they are being taken for granted or
forced out they’re not being paid in accordance with the contract it’s not
getting paid for public holidays or there are new leave entitlements or
their husband remarks made by a colleague to them or about them all of
these things give rise to a huge degree of dissatisfaction and disquiet for the
employee so basically going to come to me they
are concerned but the concern most of all above whether they actually have
playing a valid claim or not and whether they should just consider the situation
to be a grievance or whether to pursue it more formally and that’s essentially
what my consultation service is about it’s about giving clarity and giving
peace of mind truly employee and essentially to say to them look what you
have there is a grievance and you need to use the grievance procedure in the
workplace if you want to pursue but that’s as far as it goes and sometimes I
say that’s completely unacceptable must completely unlawful and you could bring
a team to the WRC or you could perhaps go to the court and sue for breach of
contract or take more serious action but the key thing is that the employee needs
to know and is entitled to know where they stand and whether to have a valid
and justiciable claim or not the consultation and I provide can be done
in person by mobile or by phone by email or by Skype and it involves me getting
forcely all of the relevant information gathering it up and this may include
looking at the contract of employment it may include looking at the outcome of
an investigation procedure looking at the investor looking at the outcome of
any disciplinary looking at relevant correspondence and so on
but it does require me to look at the necessary facts surrounding the
situation and then I’m in a position to advise the employee either by email or
phone or in person consultation can be arranged easily you know if you can
contact me by email or just ring the office and you can arrange with one of
the girlís there to have the consultation but essentially it’s
questions and answers it’s an advice situation for employees who are confused
and it aims to give peace of mind of aims to give clarity and it basically
aims to let him Tory know where they actually stand so if it’s something that
you might be interested in feel free to contact me or contact the office and you
can arrange the constant there is a fee obviously it takes a bit
of time takes a bit of expertise but it takes time a to do the consultation and
B to prepare first and to read all of the necessary and relevant documentation
and so on but it’s something that you may be interested in if you are as I say
hit me up with an email or contact me through my facebook page or just laying
the office and my receptionist one of the girls there will fix up a
consultation for you about a time that suits and really doesn’t make any
difference what part of the course you’re in because we do it by email or
by phone or by Skype or you can come to the office it’s the same price either
way hope you find this video useful