The Girl Without a Phone – an Aladdin Story

[Music] we say we were good together I will say we have fun a love from my past will reignite and burn on and on my horoscope that’s my weekly prediction I’m sorry I get them mixed up don’t ever change we’re so entertaining okay what are you doing homework two girls from my consumer ed class are here that was amber she’s smart Oh should we get back to the project though sure um can you pass me that marker there on your right oh sorry I meant the other one Oh oh right I mean that I mean left this right and get this one sorry Hey I’m still working on the whole left and right thing yeah we’ve all been there so the question is how much money would you save each month if you used your lipstick as blush are we sure that this is the question you want to go with I don’t know I mean it’s relevant don’t you think yeah yeah yes yeah okay so I guess we’ll need a graph jouvert ruler maybe you could use the edge of a book Molecular hypothesis today what’s this uh III just found that quantum physics did you find this one too uh yeah longitudinal wave theory origins of the universe genie why do you have these um I was just holding them for a friend what’s going on have you been reading them a little I’m sorry why would you be sorry I don’t know why are you acting so guilty [Laughter] am i GD what’s going on nothing nothing I swear it’s just it’s just way fairies and chemical biology and molecular physics you’re not really dumb are you okay well it all started with this what is it it’s a smartphone app well it’s the code that went into it it’s really stupid I made it when I was like eight eight yeah it’s not like it’s super complicated I couldn’t even make my bed when I was eight and it’s called make a wish yeah see it’s really stupid it’s like the dumbest thing you just make a wish and it tells you if it’s gonna come true or not that’s pretty cool it’s not real it’s just a randomization code like one of those magic 8-balls well could we get it in the App Store it’s too old I never updated it so why’d you make it oh what I did it for a boy a boy yes a boy okay I know it’s really stupid I wish that you would like me back but he never did well what boy not saying oh come on look it’s embarrassing okay and he still goes to our school and he’s nerdy so are you apparently yeah but nobody knows that and I want to keep it that way well why people don’t always like smart girls they don’t every time somebody finds out I’m smart they assume that I’m better than them and then they don’t want to be around me anymore well wouldn’t it be better if people knew who you really were I’ve just found it harder to have friends that way how smart are you [Music] okay that’s pretty smart it’s another smartphone app I’m still working on it I don’t think that’s gonna fit in my phone it will eventually just right now you need to make sure you have enough power what does it do it allows for molecular displacement of multi-dimensional objects okay like a 3d printer but in Reverse I still don’t really good it digitizes matter turns the molecules into zeros and ones and allows for them to be captured on a storage device like a phone or a computer yeah I saw this in a movie once I’ll show you I’ve only been using small things so far like a piece of thread you might want to stand back you don’t want to be in the field of view okay [Music] oh my god where did it go right here wow it worked you guys have to swear you can’t tell anyone about this see now you think you’re a genius it’s just a hobby oh I didn’t know big fate could be a hobby it’s no big deal no big deal well I guess neither is her friendship I told you two this was gonna happen I only told mr. sparks I didn’t think he was gonna tell the whole class he’s a blabbermouth and he’s running the science fair and we need more students to join especially girls you should do it why so I can lose more friends so you could show me what how awesome you are yeah and if your friends don’t appreciate the real you then we will absolutely I can’t why not he’ll be there who Cameron no Anton no Thomas yeah oh my god he’s though he’s just like a great truck don’t laugh okay well Thomas is like you know he he is he’s great I can’t I get way too nervous around him I mean feel my hands you and that’s just with him over there that’s ridiculous he should be nervous around you I mean you’re way out of his league but I’m not out of his League he’s nice and he’s funny and yeah he’s nerdy but I always thought we were meant to be together so why haven’t you said anything to him because I was afraid I’d say something stupid and ruin it this is the perfect opportunity for you guys to get together and I’ll be there I’m the teachers help ler in the science fair no and now it’ll be too awkward Jeanie you can do this come on entry presentations are tomorrow after school I didn’t you a spot nobody knows this about me well it’s time to show everyone who you really are and if you’re analyzing the antigens within the blood they were able to determine the blood type now some blood types mix about with others and some need specific matches like mine I have a B+ blood so I can receive blood from anyone whereas almost no one can receive blood for me kind of like how I laughed other people’s jokes no one laughs of mine the dow is a joke which further proves my hypothesis extra credit no never mind that was a joke – thanks Thomas excellent project I’ll see you at the fair stick to the science though thank you she’s so funny do you think yeah he said no one laughs at his jokes and then no one left that’s like so ironic Jenny ruther Ford hi it’s Jeannie when you’re ready just trust yourself hi so my experiment involves molecular displacement using an app I developed for my phone ambitious have you tested it yes using dust particles and thread but for this demonstration I will be using this circular three dimensional polymer you mean a plastic button yes so this application acts as a basic conductor between a car battery and an infrared molecular diffracting lens which I have installed inside my phone by disconnecting the regulator from the car battery and replacing it with a delimiter I was able to maximize the electrical discharge while at the same time decreasing the electrical current to exactly 55 amps using these two voltage converters this causes the separations of the ions within the molecules during defragmentation thereby reversing the molecular vortex and creating what is essentially a boiling point for defragmentation this creates a binary platform for the atoms and allows for the molecules to be digitized and thereby free to be captured by the diffracting lens and stored inside the phone so yeah I will demonstrate that now [Music] I just um I think I just needed a that’s very entertaining Jenny its Jeannie well it was nice meeting you I can I ever redo I don’t see the point well I swear it works I can use a piece of thread instead I appreciate the effort it’s a lovely craft who’s next why would you make me do this Lily who’s next oh it’s Peter Harris I’ll just go get him [Music] jeanny you okay nope it really wasn’t that bad yeah now I don’t have to pretend I’m dumb anymore because I am well I know it works I’ve seen it and I could tell mr. sparks that don’t bother I’m done don’t give up why not I mean perfect timing right I lost my friend i humiliated myself in front of my crush I think they call that rock bottom well then it could only get better here I know we’re gonna enter you’re gonna make a wish no I’m not oh come on some positive thinking can really turn things around that’s just a stupid app you know what I wish I wish that I could just crawl inside my phone and die Lilly are you helping or not go just leave me alone I’ll see you after school and I’ll let you know mr. sparks says don’t bother did you ever consider a secondary grounding source huh what I thought your project was interesting you did yeah with the molecular ization then what helps to have a secondary grounding cable attached to the subject huh at least according when a fair day’s lesson on principles and increased molecular capacity during defragmentation right it doesn’t have to be a cable though as long as its subject is touching something metal of course I was thinking also if you raise the temperature the transistors in your phone it allowed them to communicate without touching theoretically you’d create a more friendly ecosystem from like your displacement what temperature right you could just sit on your phone your body’s hot enough it is oh yeah I I mean you know I mean Jeanie good effort and hey don’t worry about bombing cheerleader tryouts are next week you can always try to do that let’s go after you view those graphs from calculus Thomas yeah nothing never mind [Music] loser [Music] you whose phone I don’t know it’s dead you know the rules no phones [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] hey I’m using TV tonight no that’s weird she was good first block she’s probably still feeling bad about yesterday yeah maybe see you later [Music] Lily you know the rule phone in the pocket now can I go to the bathroom please he just got here well it’s kind of a girl thing [Music] well you’re right I’m just telling you what she told me why’d you believe it it’s ridiculous she doesn’t seem like the pranking type well that’s the word hacked her account okay she can’t be inside of a phone well then where is she I don’t know at home had her grab his house at the grocery store literally anywhere is more logical than inside a phone okay you’re gonna get me in trouble I gotta go [Applause] [Applause] I’m just training for my martial arts competition are you okay how do we know it’s really you because look at me I’m right here yeah but like you could be the evil spirit or something that literally makes no sense well neither is this okay Judy say something only we would know like what what’s your favorite food pizza that could be anybody okay what’s your favorite color red that doesn’t confirm it these aren’t even things that we don’t well what’s something like we would know who’s your secret crush you better not screenshot this oh my god how did you do that it’s actually like really cool in here I have access to all the apps I can text tweet take photos anything sure watch this [Music] okay but you can’t stay in there how are we gonna get you out okay step one we’re gonna have to text your bottom I tell her that just sleeping over tonight technically that’s all you mean lie exactly hey Jeannie texture mole usually have to say it like that I’m not serious so how do we get you out well it’s kind of complicated yeah but you’re smart right yeah but I never exactly planned this far ahead well how did you get the thread out I didn’t exactly get it out get it out so it’s still in there no well where is it I deleted it [Music] are you sure about this what if your mom needs to go somewhere well she already took her bra off and she’s watching The Bachelor trust me she’s not going anywhere it is on the positive okay [Music] nothing hang on where are you going I’m adjusting the code okay one more time [Music] it’s still not working and again no I’ve repeated everything I’m close I know I’m close I’m just missing something I think I know what it is Lily well you made a wish right huh with you’re wishing up you wish to be inside your phone that was just a coincidence that has nothing to do with this well how do you know because there’s nothing scientific about that app well it’s at least worth the try it doesn’t make sense you’re talking to me from inside of a phone that doesn’t exactly make a lot of sense either maybe there’s something beyond science going on here there’s nothing beyond science science at the beginning and the end look how do you know that because I research quantifiable evidence and this was just a silly app for fun what about your wishes did any of them ever come true no I only ever wished for one thing and it never came true I don’t believe in wishes anymore and even if I did I can’t well why not I deleted the app off my phone it doesn’t even exist anymore so it’s gone the only other person who ever had it was Thomas and that was fucking great too don’t even think about it you never know he might still happen she won’t trust me no I don’t have it anymore did you delete it I don’t remember it was an old iPad what’s this for justice graduation project for GT try to compile some old memories she said that she likes you and that’s why she gave it back to you she did yeah well we were just kids that was a long time ago so you don’t have the iPad I don’t know put on all the things like that right of course oh but I do these are so adorable aren’t they totes adorbs oh these soccer shoes only played one year wasn’t interested here’s his participation ribbon for sports day at school and another what’s a participation banner for being a player in soccer he has a lot of participation ribbons what’s this doing in here oh well that’s his whisk he always had to sleep with that it was so cute okay mom hang on oh this is when he sat up by himself in the bath oh hey look it’s my wood iPad yes the babysitter is the wishing I’ve stolen it well let’s find out I know I have a charge cord in here somewhere and we’re back make a wish this is so cute and amazing Jeannie was such a smart little cookie she inspired you didn’t she I can’t remember he would not be tap science and technology student if it were not for her and it started with this app he was mesmerized by it staying up at night making wishes crying if it said they weren’t coming true I do try he couldn’t say Jeannie he used to call her Gigi Oh what he was so impressed by this he wanted to be just like her it was such a cute little crush okay mom yeah I think I can take it from here all right embarrassing mother I’m just so proud of you Oh who wants juice full flavors you have oh I think pineapple orange juice of course mango I think so uh what exactly do you guys mean can you get that up on this phone yeah I just need my laptop okay it’s loading okay do you think he’ll work yeah it’s the same operating systems you shouldn’t a problem missus Oh JD must have been pretty cute and great too oh yeah that’s so cute that you separate crush on her well she kinda had a doll she’s smart pretty and friendly I’m sure she was pretty cool too no not cool like not what most people think of his cool she was dorky for sure but to me that was cool okay it’s loaded and what about now Dean yeah she’s still a lot of those things she’s just cool in a different way a regular cool now but it’s better that way I’m trying to get scholarships for next year and I got to stay focused you know I can’t be thinking about girls well is she someone you think about why are you asking me all this because what did she liked you yeah sure well what if she did okay girls like that then on the guys like me that’s not true she made that whole app because she had a crush on you like ten years ago she’s different now have you seen who she hangs out with well what if she still likes you yeah I I wish that’s weird well either way it doesn’t matter she was like amazing when I knew her but she’s not the same little girl and I’m just some nerdy guy too right now no you’re not you’re not just some nerdy guy do you put that would that um she’s trapped inside the phone how are you okay I’m fine sort of my experiment worked yeah I think it was the secondary grounding source like you suggested right okay so do you think that you could help us get her out I don’t know I mean like yeah I hope I think yeah we’ll do it but where’s the device oh is this yours house okay we’ll go get it we’ll meet it and yeah how’d this happen it’s a long story okay we’ll let you guys catch up and we’ll be your Mac okay can you guys make it fast yeah the battery is not charging from your cord I think one of the conductor’s blacked out when I entered the phone and me being in here is actually taking up more power well what would happen if the battery died I’d rather not find out okay we’ll be really fast just behave yourself so what’s it like in there it’s actually pretty cool like a digital universe a whole new world I can’t believe you did this this is something a scientist only dream of yeah it’s pretty scary though not knowing if I’m gonna get back out right um so I I didn’t realize you could hear everything earlier I hope it wasn’t awkward it’s fine awkward moments are kind of my thing all right I’m gonna close the wishing out to save power I’ll be right back okay good idea what’s what’s wrong the result screen needs to close first you need to get your wish yeah I can just do it I mean it’s your wish though sorry no weirdness I can just do it it’s just right now I can just do it no I got it okay what’s the matter um you’re kind of blocking it it should still work uh can you just shift over okay better a little bit more got it so why don’t you exploit the codes if we’re gonna reverse engineer this I better break it down on my laptop okay good idea make sure your bluetooth is turned on I’ll be right back hey mr. Schmidt how’s the bachelor bye miss Schmidt and that starts the molecular degeneration process upon which it’s built okay so regenerating two molecules is possible then yes in theory so we just need to put into practice here it is great okay what can we do get the cables attached Oh Lily who think that’s ever happened to me I just can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen okay Jenny I mean have you know all the different variables within the molecular degeneration function all right starting with Lyon 891 first variable is 32 point eight nine four six four eight four 43:54 sixty six point four two eight five forty nine eighty two five eleven point sixteen eighty nine point sixty three and 1988 how’d you think to bypass the electromagnetic current the sensor isn’t that what your spectral imaging filter project was all about great 10 yeah and no it was based upon the attenuation of light waves reflected through video laryngoscopes oh but how would you even know about that I saw it on your Instagram huh I know you followed me on Instagram I don’t technically I just go to your page sometimes hmm yeah sorry I missed ocker oh it’s cool all right I’m reversing line two three one and three three three okay let me match that you should know the fine line 232 I’ll keep it active amalya know every time my mind step I just see my best life having drinks in a dream I wonder why I carried on with the things that made you lose your mind there’s a way I can undo it I’ve done can we be strangers circus are fresh like a morning what’s so bad about that so why won’t you follow why won’t you follow me home I know I can’t make you mine you sir and out of town there’s no hope for me I fell down like the moon so it’s all very just don’t think about that have time yeah what go back like before sure yeah I mean like if that’s what you want that’s my wish we’re 5% we better do this whatever happens it’s in a month they don’t worry okay promise I just you see soon [Music] so why won’t you follow why won’t you follow me home I know I can’t make it – on this don’t follow me so I’m waiting but if I can 3d [Music] look at are you [Music] okay [Music] [Music] I shoot in the dark so I miss my target it’s the time to move on I don’t think she’s gonna have the poem be herself anymore I know I can’t make you mine there’s no hope for me okay so effective but if I can ever we make a 3d pray [Music] [Applause] [Music]