The Division 2 – A look at the New Armor System

today’s video isn’t going to be as long
or as filled with information as the ones that I release over the past few
days it’s mainly going to be a shorter video about the new med kits or as
they’re now called the new armor plates in the division – and don’t worry I’m
not gonna bore you with all the information that we already got during
e3 yes we know you have to hold down the button to activate a med kits or an
armor plate now and yes we know that your character cannot move during that
time period that’s not what I’m here to tell you but while playing the game I
not only noticed a few smaller changes that the developers have made since e3
such as the fact that the armor plate channel time is no longer interrupted
when taking damage and I also got the test different type of armor plates now
for those that missed it in one of my previous videos I speculated that
different specializations would also be able to give the player different type
of armor plates and I said that because I saw a specific slot for those armor
plates in the menus that they showed off during the e3 gameplay which is
something that of course only makes sense if you’re actually able to select
something from that now the menus in the both night plates they were different so
I didn’t actually get to see this but it turned out that I was right about having
different med kits for different specializations so while playing I
actually had access to four different type of armor plates each with their own
effects which I’m not really sure what all the effects are yet but I’ll go over
what I know so far now the first armor plate is of course
the default one we’ve all seen this already you hold down the button and
upon completing the channel time you heal up to your maximum HP you’ll be
using this or more plates kits or whatever you want to call it all the way
from level 1 to level 30 then once you reach level 30 you can choose a
specialization and with each specialization you’ll get a different
type of armor plate and the one I play most is the survivalist which is the
specialization that allows you to use a crossbow and this one comes with an
armor plates that heals you quickly over time the channel time is still just as
long as with the normal armor plate in fact there’s not a single arm or
plate that actually allows you to instantly cast it there’s always the two
seconds that you have to wait so having something you over time might look worse
on first sight because why would you want that instead of getting all your
health back instantly but the thing is is that it actually keeps healing you or
it keeps giving you arm or whatever you want to call it for five seconds after
you press the button regardless if you’re back at full held or not so let’s
say that you you get shot at and your low health so you want to use your armor
plate you use it but then after you’ve used it you will keep taking damage well
that’s kind of a perfect scenario for this type of armor kit because for five
seconds long you will keep getting your arm or back and if you take damage
meanwhile within those five seconds you’ll end up getting a lot more armor
back than with the normal armor plates you’ll actually end up trading damage
very efficiently and I can see this being pretty useful in PvP as well as
long as you don’t instantly get killed you’ll end up winning the damage
straight with this for sure especially because you can also use it when you’re
almost full health so then you press it and instantly fight you’ll keep healing
yourself over and over during the damage straight I can see this being a very
very very powerful armor plate then we have the special armor plate for the
demolitionists which I actually wasn’t able to figure out what it was
up until working on this video I barely caught it by accident when just looking
through some footage what this armor plate does is that upon using it it only
gives you back 70% of your maximum armor and then nothing there is a small buff
icon under your health bar whenever you use it that lasts 15 seconds long and
that was initially thinking that this might have been some sort of damage buff
for something that gives you increased healing received or you know something
along those lines but it actually seems that the player gets nothing in those 15
seconds while the icon is on the screen it is only that after those 15 seconds
you get something back and what you get back is the 30% of remaining armor that
you didn’t get while using the armor plate initially this is the only footage
that I have of it which is also the reason why I only figured it out after
watching some of my gameplay back but if you slow it down you can see that I
barrel gets 30% of my arm or Beck because the
armor-plated I activated 15 seconds ago that timer has just expired it’s
actually not from the armored plate that I’m currently using the benefit of this
would obviously be that you could use your armored plates perhaps when your
armoire isn’t drained out completely or you could use an armored plate and then
repair the rest with a repairing scale such as I don’t know the men there seek
your mine healing mud or something and then you can go in and fight with
another player and time that 30% of remaining armor that she still gets to
be during the time that you’re trading damage versus another player which will
then obviously give you the upper hands because mid fights you suddenly get a
big chunk of your armor back I still haven’t quite figured out yet what the
armor kit does that that the Sharpshooter has it works in a similar
way to the one for the demolitionist except it doesn’t repair 70% of your arm
or it only repairs 50% but it also leaves you with a 15 second timer as
well however when this timer runs out and even during the timer nothing really
seems to happen now I initially thought that the Sharpshooter armor kits gave
you these extra blue armoire bars on top of your normal armor so that you have
sort of a bonus a little bit of a burst bonus something that’s comparable to an
over heal in the Division one but that actually just seems to be a separate
talent that activates when the player takes cover and I’ve also looked at
damage numbers before and after the armor plate but they’re also the same so
I’m not too sure what’s going on I have a suspicion though and this is based on
absolutely nothing but my wild guess but I think that it’s possible that when you
know you activate this armor plate and then the armor plate gets destroyed
before the 15 second timer runs out that you can see where your health bar then
in that case you get the remaining 50% of your armoire back that’s something
that I could see work for this game as well now that is a complete wild guess
though so don’t quote me on it it’s just how I think it might work when also
looking at what the developers did for the other armor plates in the game I was
told though at the events that we shouldn’t take what we see in this build
a hundred percent for granted because many of the talents
this in his build are still working progress you’ll see a lot of icons on
the screen sometimes that maybe aren’t quite finished yet or maybe that don’t
really do anything so it is possible that in the final game or even already
in the beta that these things they they have been altered a little bit I just
want to show this off to you already because I want to let you all know that
yes we will indeed have different type of armor plates with different
specializations in the division – something that I also wanted to talk
about when it comes down to the armor kits is something that I mentioned at
the start of the video which is that players are no longer interrupted in any
way if they take damage while channeling that armor plate and I think this is
especially good for solo players both inside and outside of the dark zone you
know if you’re at range and you’re playing by yourself and you have some
cover to hide behind but you know that the enemy is coming up to you you can
now just go around the corner and hold the medkit button down and you know of
course there’s a risk that you will die because he comes around the corner and
shoots you down but on the other ends the channel time is only two seconds
long so if he comes around the corner maybe lands two or three bullets but you
still get the channel off in time because it’s not interrupted by bullets
anymore then suddenly you’ll end up back with full armor and you can start
shooting right back at them which then allows you to turn the fight if your aim
happens to be better than the aim of the other guy in a lot of cases I still died
but you know I don’t counsel not to go don’t go so I think we talked about this
in about every video now so gotta stop mentioning it my gameplay should deal
with it something that you might also find interesting is that in the
dedicated PvP modes in skirmish and domination players will start off with
only two armor plates as opposed to the five med kits that we have in the
Division one and if you die and respawn you will only get one armor plate and
this actually has quite a big impact on the gameplay because if you manage to
deal some damage to an enemy from far away that’s going to be lasting damage
because armor doesn’t just magically heal up and you know they could use
their armor plate that to repair that but in a lot of cases that’s their only
armor plate that they’re gonna have and then from that moment on they’re not
gonna be able to heal themselves anymore sure
are more steel regenerates out of combats and it’s not too difficult to go
out of combat in skirmish and domination and when you’re out of combat it
instantly regenerates it’s way faster than other days in the Division one but
as long as you’re in combats and as long as you’re fighting other players or at
least as long as other players are close to you the arm or bar doesn’t passively
regenerate at all so unless you’ve got some healing skills or arm or repairing
skills any damage it’s gonna be lasting damage and that’s really something
interesting because we haven’t really had something like that in the division
1 this is going to change combat in quite a big way now it’s really hard to
say whether I like all of this or not as I mentioned previously in one of my
first videos I wasn’t able to play skirmish myself due to some technical
issues over a massive and I only played one round of domination so that is far
far too little play time to give any sort of opinion on anything I think it
would be good to maybe get some armor plates here and there from enemies that
you kill at some sort of rewards because if there’s no way to get them back
that’s kind of harsh and you’re really gonna have to rely on healing skills but
it’s impossible to say where that would be a good thing or not without playing
more games of it also it seems obvious to me but I think some people might have
missed it so I wanted to cover it quickly anyway and that’s the the
segments of the armor bars above everybody’s health bar it’s easy to miss
but each of those little blocks those little white blocks represents a certain
amount of armor not sure what the exact value is something that might also
change in the final game but this works in the same way as in mobile games where
if somebody gets tank here and tank here you will also see the amount of bars or
segments increase on this health or arm or bar as well here for example my level
10 character has only 8 or more bars but then my left wilfordii character is 25
so yes in a Division 2 you will actually be able to see how thank you someone is
just by looking at their health bar before even shooting at them and PvP and
this is something good it’s something that I suggested a long time ago even
for the division 1 as well because it was really hard to see how much health
someone had exactly and honestly I think it’s just a great
addition to the game I think that pretty much covers everything I know about the
new armor system that’s all I have for this video I told you I was gonna be a
sort of a shorter one and also that’s going to be the last video that I have
planned for you know for the things that I wanted to share from my play session
over at massive studios I’ve pretty much shared everything that I wanted to share
gone everything off my chest that I wanted to get off my chest
so until we learn something new you can consider my channel to be on vacation
again but I guess with the beta coming up and with the game’s release coming
closer you’re not gonna have to wait months again before I upload something
else so yeah I want to thank everybody for watching all these videos I hope you
enjoyed them I hope you found them helpful and as always I will see you
guys later or like they say in the Netherlands see later