The Crane Kick – The Karate Kid (8/8) Movie CLIP (1984) HD

One point, Lawrence. Two-two.
Ready. Fight. Out of bounds. Come on, back in. Destroy him, Johnny. Come on, Daniel. You can do it. Come on! Come on, Daniel. Come on, be strong! Be strong! Come on! -You okay?
-Yeah, I’m okay. Whoever wins the next point will be our new champion. No point. Ready. Fight! It’s over, Johnny. Yeah, you did it! -Are you sure you’re okay? Can you go on?
-Get him a body bag! Yeah! All right, that’s a warning for illegal contact to the knee. Ready. Finish him! Fight! Winner! The new champion, Daniel LaRusso! -You’re all right, LaRusso.
– Thanks a lot. Hey, Mr. Miyagi. We did it!
We did it! All right!