TELUS Wise | Response to Cyberbullying

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Wise
responses to cyberbullying. If someone says something
mean to you online, you can talk to them about it in person, but only if you feel safe to do so. That can be one good way of
dealing with online conflict, especially when it’s a
simple misunderstanding. Having a face-to-face
conversation can also help someone understand how what
they said or did made you feel. When things are more serious,
and when you don’t feel comfortable having a
face-to-face conversation, it’s a good idea to talk
to and get advice from an adult you trust. Stop the interaction and
leave the space immediately. If you fight back, it will
make the situation worse. Block the user if you can in
the game or app you are using. Record the conversation. Keep a record of the mean behavior online. For example, take a screenshot. Talk to an adult that you
trust and ask for help. (upbeat music)